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not if you’re a dick. !!!!!




So you wanna get laid tonight? You wanna just dial up some
slut and start banging the night away? Yeah, it’s possible.
It’s happened to me and I’m a fat old fart with an
attitude problem! So how does it work?

Treat this site as you would any other dating site. I’ve been on and off this site since 2006 and I always
run the same profile on here as I do on other dating sites,
like Match, POF, etc. Same text, same photos, same approach
to contacting people. The end result is I get more dates
on here than any of those other sites and the quality of the
dates is better too. Women on here are far more interesting
and intelligent and men need to be respectful of that if
they want to do well here.

Don’t be a dick (1). When I first came to this site I looked at the male profiles
to check out the competition. Page after page of dicks,
most of them not very healthy looking dicks either! So it
was immediately obvious what I needed to do to stand out
– post a big clear picture of my face. I now post the same three
photos on every site; face, full length and activity. I’ve
never posted a photo of my dick and I always keep my clothes
on. Most women seem to prefer that.

Don’t be a dick (2). Once as an experiment I set up a female profile to see just
how guys interact with women. I got hundreds of messages,
99% of which were some variation on, “Wanna fuck?”
If I replied to any saying, “Thanks but no thanks, ”
the response was almost always intensely abusive. I got
the impression that most men on this site are mentally,
if not actually, sexually frustrated 14 year olds. So,
imagine being subjected to that every day on this site.
That’s why most women won’t answer your messages.

Even if they just want a fuck, women still want to be wooed!
My brother is gay and there are times I envy the ease with
which he can pick up a sex partner. That’s the thing
with men, we don’t need the pre-amble, we can easily
cut to the chase and get on with the fucking. But most women
aren’t like that. Whether they want just one night
or happy ever after, sexual arousal for them is a slower,
more cerebral thing. You can’t just flash your dick
at them and expect them to swoon. Take your time, get to know
them a little and show them something of who you are too.

Ain’t no one got time for that! I wanna get laid now!
Then get a hooker. In the eight years I’ve been hanging
around this site, I’ve had just two occasions where
a woman has messaged me and we’ve hooked up within the
hour. Twice in 8 years. And both times the sex was dreadful.
So yeah, you can get instant sex here but not when you want
it and probably not how you want it. This ain’t your
local pizza joint. You can’t just dial in your order
and expect a piping hot woman on your doorstep within the
hour. And if it’s fine dining you want, you need to make
a lot more of an effort.



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