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The Dating over 50 alarm clock goes off and her Dating over 50 eyes fly open, this is the day she has waited three long weeks for. He will be coming home, coming for her. She throws back the Dating over 50 covers and slips out of bed.

Her mind is cloudy from lack of sleep; she tossed restlessly all night like a young girl waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. She thought sleep would never come, each minute ticked by slowly, prolonging the moment she had been dreaming of.

The thought of his breathe on her neck and his tongue on her Dating over 50 nipples brought instant moisture between her legs. The thought of him touching her, entering her, caused her breathe to catch in her throat. “Only two more hours of sweet agony,” she thought as she tried to imagine just where he was at in his long drive home.

Dating over 50 – First things First

Dating over 50
Dating over 50

First things first, she had to get the kids off to school. “Can they sense the urgency in my voice? Do they wonder at my impatience as I glance at the clock only to see that the dawdling hands have barely moved?” The kids seem to drag their feet slowly through every task; clothes on, hair brushed, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed….. Finally, the clock reads the time that signals for their departure. Again she sees the Dating over 50 map in her head; she pictures him on the road and wonders why he hasn’t called yet. One more hour to wait!

She walks slowly up the stairs to the bathroom, her every movement seems to cause friction between her legs, and every sensation seems electrified and intense. Her lips feel full and eager to feel the gentle pull of his teeth as he urges her mouth to open for him. The thought of tasting him makes her run her tongue across her lips in anticipation.

She bends over to start the water in the shower and flashes back to the last time they were together. She had made the long journey from home to where he was, every mile building her excitement as she drew nearer and nearer to him. She pictures how he lay there waiting for her to get there, his urgency for her arrival evident in his throbbing erection.

Dating over 50 – Condoms

Dating over 50

As she digs through her bag for a condom he comes quietly up behind her and kisses her neck, causing her to lean back into him as a moan escapes from her lips. She pushes her Dating over 50 bottom into his erection and arches her back to urge his lips to touch and taste every inch of her neck.

Her bottom pushing into him is too much, he forcefully shoves her over the back of the chair and he plunges into her tight, wet pussy. He had planned on going slow and taking his time but the wait had been unbearable. “He would make it up to her later,” he thought as he plunged into her hard and deep, causing her to scream out his name and grab his wrists tightly.

His huge cock feels as if it will tear her in two, he fills her so completely that it is almost painful. She is not sure if she needs him to be gentler or if she wants him deeper and harder. Before she can make up her mind she feels him stiffen inside her and pulls herself off of his huge Dating over 50 erection and drops to her knees. He rips the Dating over 50 condom off roughly and jacks off over her mouth.

Her tongue flicks over the head of his cock and she smiles as she watches his eyes close hard in concentration. “Cum for me baby, cum in my mouth” she moans. This sends him over the edge and he shoots three weeks of built up frustration into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat as she struggles to swallow.

He pumps out a steady hot stream of Dating over 50 cum on her lips, neck and tits. The sight of her on her knees with his cum running down her chin makes him dizzy and light headed. “Damn that was worth the wait,” he tells her as he reaches for a towel and begins to clean her up. It’s going to be a great night.

She shakes her head to clear the image from it, no time for daydreaming; she has lots to do before he gets there. She grabs a brand new razor and steps into the shower.

The Dating over 50 hot water rushes over her body, caressing her with it pulsating streams of hot water. As the water runs down her breasts she thinks about how good his mouth will feel on her nipples, the way he tugs at her piercing with his teeth that sends her into ecstasy. She picks up her washcloth and adds some body wash; she works it into a heavy lather between her hands and begins to wash herself. The thick soapy bubbles slide down her tummy and disappear between her legs.

Dating over 50 – Nipples

Dating over 50
Dating over 50

She caresses her Dating over 50neck and shoulders; slowly she drags the slippery cloth across her nipples and feels them stand at attention. She is tempted to run the washcloth over them again but she stills has so much left to do. She rinses off the soap and reaches for some conditioner.

She rubs the conditioner all over her swollen pussy and proceeds to drag the sharp blades of the Dating over 50 razor over her lips, being careful not to nick or cut herself. When she is done she runs her hand across her bald pussy, feeling for any missed hairs that would interrupt the velvety smooth feeling.

He loves it when she shaves for him, her attention to detail when preparing herself for him, her willingness to make him happy. Finding nothing, she rinses off again and turns off the Dating over 50 water.

A glance at the clock says that she was successful in wasting a good amount of time and now must hurry. He instructed her to wear nothing but her robe so she doesn’t need to worry about what to wear. She applies lotion all over her skin so that it will be smooth under the palm of his hand as he touches and explores her body. She fixes her hair and puts on her make-up, she applies a little of his favorite perfume behind her ears and between her breasts. She stops to survey what she sees in the mirror and hopes that he will be pleased.

Next she goes to the bedroom where she lights a candle on the nightstand and turns on some soft music, she draws the blinds of the window to create a romantic atmosphere that blocks out the world. Soon it will be just the two of them making up for lost time and reclaiming lost moments together. She knows he will be tired from the long five hour drive and gets out some massage oil. Serving him, pleasing him, this is what brings her happiness. She cannot wait to run her hands down his strong muscular back, to work out the kinks in his neck.

She can hear his sighs of satisfaction in her mind and it builds the height of her anticipation. She glances around the room and everything is perfect, everything is just as he likes it. She knows he will be pleased, and she will be rewarded greatly for her preparedness.

The clock shows the time of his arrival but he is not there. She begins to pace back and forth, the sound of every Dating over 50 car perks up her ears and she watches out the window to see if it is him. She walks around the house trying to find something to keep her busy only to rush to the nearest window when her mind thinks it hears his truck, only to find out that it has played another cruel trick on her. “zzzzzzzzzz”, “zzzzzzzzzz”, “zzzzzzzzzz”.

The sound of her phone vibrating sends her rushing to the nightstand, her heart thudding in hopes that it is him. “Just past Trappers Creek”, the text message reads. “No! That’s not possible,” she cries out in frustration. That means he will not arrive for at least another hour and a half.

Even then there is the risk that he will get stuck in the traffic with all of the hunters returning home from a long weekend hiking the mountains in search of the perfect animal.

She turns on the television and surfs the channels in a vain effort for something that will provide a distraction. Her skin is slightly chilled as she lay there naked except for her silk robe; she pulls it tighter around her body but gets little warmth for her efforts. She pulls up a blanket to warm herself. Her head on the Dating over 50 pillow grows heavy as do her eyelids. She allows herself to drift off to Dating over 50 sleep thinking that he knows his way to her bedroom and will wake her.

Her mind is lost somewhere but gradually becomes aware of the heat on her neck, the gentle pressure of lips on her jawbone and then her lips. She feels the moisture of his tongue on her lips and smells his sweet breathe as he coaxes her back from sleep. Her Dating over 50 eyes peak open and make instant contact with his beautiful green eyes, she stretches a long lazy stretch like that of a cat awaking from a long nap in the summer sun.

Her mind clears and suddenly she is fully awake, she throws herself into his arms and holds him tightly. “I thought you would never get here,” she pouts, then presses his lips into hers.

“I got a late start and had to keep stopping to stretch and wake up,” he replies. He too didn’t sleep well the night before, every time he thought of what awaited him on his arrival home his body betrayed him with another erection. “I tossed and turned for hours last night,” he explained.

She climbs off of the bed, gently pulling him with her. She presses her body into his and pulls his mouth down to meet hers for a long, wet, deep kiss. Their tongues dance across each other and her Dating over 50 body trembles under his touch as he slips his hand inside her robe, finding a Dating over 50 nipple and tugging roughly. He loves the sound that she makes when he does this, the sharp intake of her breathes, and the whimper that begs for more when he releases her nipple from his grasp.

She pulls off his shirt and trails kisses down his Dating over 50 neck, stopping only to caress his nipples with her tongue and teeth. He pushes her head even lower until she is on her knees at his feet. He feels her hands on the waistband of his Carharts. She fumbles with the button and zipper as she struggles to free his long, thick cock from its confines.

She gentle caresses the velvety skin as she runs her hands up and down the shaft of his dick. “Is this for me?” she asks as she looks up at him with a mischievous grin on her lips. She doesn’t wait for his answer as she takes him into her mouth. She uses her spit to lubricate his shaft; she pulls him in deeper, down into her throat until her eyes water from the effort. He reaches down and gently caresses her face as he watches her pump his cock in and out of her hot mouth.

He soon finds himself thrusting forward to meet her mouth, fucking it just as he will her pussy. He feels himself building towards ejaculation and pulls away. Her eyes frantically fly upwards, searching his face to see what she has done wrong. He sees the look of concern and pulls her to her feet; “now it is your turn” he whispers and leads her to the bed.

He pushes her back roughly onto her back and lies on top of her. He can feel her hips straining upwards to meet him, to guide him into her, but he pushes them away. He trails kisses across her lips and neck, stopping briefly to caress her nipples. As he kisses a wet trail down her tummy he can feel her tremble beneath his lips, he can hear her ragged breathing as she forces herself to draw the next breath.

Her body knows well this dance they do together, this perfect dance of pleasing one another. Finally she can feel his hot tongue flick over her clit and she cries out, “Jason!” as he plunges his tongue deep inside of her pink pussy. By now she has grabbed the back of his head and lifted her hips to grind into his tongue.

He pushes away her hands and pushes down her hips, “Not yet,” he whispers and she groans in frustration. He continues to lick and suck her swollen parts, stopping occasionally to nibble, bite and tug. Her Dating over 50 pussy juice it pooling on the sheets and a fine sheen of sweat has broken out over her skin like dew on a flower so early in the morning.

He gently inserts two fingers into her tight pussy and slowly strokes her insides rhythmically insync with the flicking of his tongue on her swollen and hard little clit. He can tell by her breathing that she is close and he picks up the pace. Her hips pump frantically to meet his mouth until suddenly she cries out, “FUCK, YES! JASON!” and falls limply back to the bed.

He contemplates giving her a moment to rest but quickly decides against it. He reaches for the condom she placed earlier on the nightstand and tears the wrapper open with his teeth. Then hastily rolls it down the shaft of his cock and pushes her knees further apart. He pushes himself down upon her, hips to hips, and crushes her lips with his.

The taste of her Dating over 50 pussy in his mouth mingles with the taste of his cock in hers, so yummy. He reaches for her hands and pins them above her head, with one quick thrust he enters her causing her to cry out.

The tightness of her pussy grasps him, pulling him in deeper. Her juices lubricate his cock and run down his balls, making a juicy “splat” every time he rams himself into her. God she is so wet. He stops and flips her over onto all fours and she pushes her ass up to meet him and arches her back to encourage him deeper inside.

She reaches around and holds tightly to the Dating over 50 wrist that is grasping her hip, impaling her on his cock over and over again. She looks over her shoulder and into his eyes, hoping he can read the depth of her pleasure there. “I could never give this up,” she thinks to herself, “No matter how wrong he is for me.” He shoves her hard onto her belly and flips her over onto her side, in one swift move he is between her legs bending the top one forcible and plunging back inside her.

This is his favorite position; he loves to watch his cock slip in and out of her, watching her muscles stretch and strain to take him inside. He can also watch her face, her eyes shut tight in pleasure, mouth slightly open, crying out to him with each stroke and gasping for air. He can feel the pressure building up inside of him as he pushes himself to the edge, pulling out at the last second he rips the Dating over 50 condom off and shoots his load all over her.

His cum shoots out of him so hard it falls across her face, her breasts, her tummy. She smiles with satisfaction and rubs some into her lips. She leans forward and takes him into her mouth, milking every last drop of cum from deep inside of him.

He collapses onto her and rests his head just above her pussy. The smell of their sex is thick in the air and makes his head spin with intoxication. She gently reaches down and begins to softly play with his hair, then rubs the cords in his neck still tense from the long drive. He melts like warm butter under her skillful touch, he sighs deeply as each mile slowly floats away. It is good to be home.


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