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Nude Amateurs

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Nude Amateurs
Enter – Nude Amateurs

Nude Amateurs

Nude Amateurs
Enter – Nude Amateurs

I wanted to start a Nude Amateurs photography club in my high school but no one wanted to join. I was always considered a nerd and Nude Amateurs photography just wasn’t cool. Their loss.

I got my sister to help me out.

Nude Amateurs Natalie was a year younger than I was but she was certainly no nerd. In fact Nude Amateurs Natalie was part of the cool group. She was very pretty, well built, and quite popular too.

At fifteen and in the ninth grade Nude Amateurs Natalie was always good to me. I was sixteen, in the tenth grade, and I always helped her out with her homework. It was easy since I had just learned it a year ago.

Anyway I told Nude Amateurs Natalie about not getting any interest in my Nude Amateurs photography club. She simply said, “Why do want to hang around a bunch of nerd anyway? Wouldn’t you rather hang around a bunch of pretty models instead, especially if they posed nude or flashed their tits for you.”


I couldn’t agree more. Then I asked her how I would find those girls. She looked at me and said, “You’ve got one right here.”

That day started a new adventure for me in Nude Amateurs photography. It wasn’t about the right focus or F-stop, it was about where and when, it was about how much the girl was willing to risk for me.

Nude Amateurs Natalie told me to bring my best digital camera and follow her to the living room. Nude Amateurs Natalie told Dad that she wanted a picture of him and her together and that I was going to take it.

She stood behind Dad’s chair and posed for me to take a picture. So what? Then she told me to take another one because she had closed her eyes. Just before I snapped that picture Nude Amateurs Natalie lifted her blouse up along with her bra to reveal her breasts. I could not believe it. Nude Amateurs Natalie turned around and started back to our bedrooms as she adjusted her tits back into her bra.

In my room she waited for me to transfer the pictures to my computer. The one of her with her top up was not my best work but it was great. I now knew what Nude Amateurs Natalie was getting at. Dad had not seen a thing and Nude Amateurs Natalie had flashed me. I was hooked on flashing.

After dinner Nude Amateurs Natalie took me to my bedroom. She went into her bedroom and came back out in a nice silky robe. Then the fun began. She was not wearing anything underneath it. She took me out into the hallway and opened the robe for me. She took me to the kitchen and dropped the robe for pictures with Mom and Dad in the next room.

Then she went into the bathroom with me right behind her. She let me ‘catch’ her on the toilet and in the shower. After that she got in her bed and pretended to be asleep with her tits showing, her ass showing, and even her pussy showing. It was all to seem like an accident. Then she sent me to my own room so that she could masturbate. I wanted to watch but she said that it was too personal. Damn!

The next day at school Nude Amateurs Natalie had three of her friends stand behind her, she told me to squat down to take the picture, and then she squatted down too opening her knees for the picture. I got a beautiful panty shot right in school and right in front of her unsuspecting girlfriends. There were other kids behind them and probably some behind me too but it was quick and it was over before anyone realized it. I was hard all day long after that one.

After school Nude Amateurs Natalie approached me at my locker and told me that she had some great ideas for flashing and asked me if I was up to it. I certainly was.

While everyone was rushing to get out of school Nude Amateurs Natalie and I hung around for a few minutes more. I had no idea how quickly the school emptied out. Nude Amateurs Natalie took me to the far end of the school to the boy’s bathroom. She had me check it out first to make sure that the coast was clear, it was.

Nude Amateurs Natalie then went in and stood by the long line of urinals. I took a picture then she started undressing. I got her with her shirt off, her skirt off, then topless, and finally totally naked. Nude Amateurs Natalie then backed into a urinal and started to pee in it. It was funny and it was sexy as hell.

She stood by the toilets with the doors open. It was kind of disgusting. Then Nude Amateurs Natalie went to the door and opened it so that I could take a picture of her nude in front of the ‘boy’s’ sign. Then she really surprised me when she walked out into the hallway naked to pose for more pictures. It was wonderful and it excited the both of us. We were actually out in the hallway for two or three minutes before she scooted back in to get dressed.

A teacher caught us coming out of the bathroom and she asked us what we were doing in there. Nude Amateurs Natalie told her that she was just curious as to what a urinal looked like. Then she continued to tell the teacher how filthy we boys were, how dirty our toilets were, and how bad the room smelled.

The teacher just laughed and said that some of the girl’s bathrooms were just as bad. Nude Amateurs Natalie told her to prove it. The teacher smiled and led us to another part of the school. She checked to make sure it was empty and then invited us in. She was right it was gross. There was water on the floor, sinks and toilets had been plugged with toilet paper, and there were used tampons thrown around. I took some pictures of the mess. Nude Amateurs Natalie saw me with the camera, looked to see where the teacher was, and then she lifted the front of her skirt up to show me her panties.

As we were walking down the hallway toward the front of the school the teacher asked, “So how long have you been flashing for your brother?”

Without hesitation she replied, “Since yesterday.”

The teacher said, “I flash for my husband all of the time maybe the four of us could get together sometime and have some fun. It needs to be kept secret though. I could get in a lot of trouble.”

Nude Amateurs Natalie said, “I’d love to see what you can do. I’m so new at it. I did get naked in the boy’s bathroom, pee in a urinal, and even parade out in the hallway before you found us.”

The teacher said, “My, you are quite the active one. Aren’t you?”

Then Nude Amateurs Natalie said, “How about you give us a sample of your work. Then I’ll have my brother send a few to your husband later. We will need his email address.”

The teacher looked around then whispered, “You have to do what I do, we both have to be in the pictures together, and my husband gets a copy of them.”

Nude Amateurs Natalie smiled and said, “Okay.”

The two girls walked a few feet away from me with their backs turned, they paused, and then they turned around. Both girls had unbuttoned their blouses and were holding them open, showing me their bras. Then they squatted down and opened their knees for me too. I squatted down for that picture.

The teacher was getting her courage up and so was Nude Amateurs Natalie. Their blouses came off and then their bras came off. They stood facing me, facing each other, facing away from me, and then back to back. They got nipple to nipple and then they kissed. The teacher sucked both of Nude Amateurs Natalie’s nipples and let her suck her nipples. It was so erotic that I cum in my pants. The whole thing took three or four minutes, then they quickly got dressed again.

We exchanged email addresses and we promised to be at her house after dinner to meet her husband. Meanwhile I was to send her husband a copy of the two girls together in the school basement. I even found out that her name was Samantha Black and that she taught eleventh grade science.

Nude Amateurs Natalie and I were very excited as we walked home. She even removed her bra and panties then put them in my pocket so that she could flash me easier. She got pretty bold too and made sure that other people were in the picture behind her.

At home Nude Amateurs Natalie took a nice long hot bubble bath so that she would be clean for later. I transferred all of the pictures and sent the set with Mrs. Black to her husband. He had been waiting for them and replied right back that my sister was beautiful. I told him that his wife was too. He already knew that.

Dinner was slow but we got out of doing the dishes and rushed over to Samantha’s house. She greeted us at the door, invited us in, and then introduced us to her husband. He too discussed the need for secrecy. He also said that for him to take pictures of Nude Amateurs Natalie was illegal too because of her age. Then we agreed that we would give each other copies of all the pictures that we take together. That way we would each have a complete set.

Samantha asked, “Nude Amateurs Natalie, can we pick up where we were in the school hallway?”

Nude Amateurs Natalie said, “Sure” then she started undoing her blouse along with Samantha. Her husband and I started taking pictures. Samantha helped Nude Amateurs Natalie off with her blouse and unfastened her bra hooks too, Nude Amateurs Natalie returned the favor along with helping Samantha out of her skirt.

Samantha helped Nude Amateurs Natalie out of her skirt and out of her panties. Samantha put Nude Amateurs Natalie’s panties up to her nose and inhaled deeply. Nude Amateurs Natalie did the same thing to Samantha’s panties. Then fully nude the two girls posed for us in various ways. All of us made suggestions that the girls carried out including running out to the mailbox naked. That was amazing to watch and take pictures of. Samantha was as free as a bird outdoors naked. Nude Amateurs Natalie enjoyed it too. They were happy as could be.

Inside Samantha whispered in Nude Amateurs Natalie’s ear, and then shortly the two girls were in a sixty-nine together. After a few minutes Samantha’s husband tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I don’t know about you but I’m going to fuck my girl.” He undressed, took the girls apart, and stuck his cock into his wife’s pussy and started fucking her.

I looked at Nude Amateurs Natalie, she nodded her head, and then I undressed too. Nude Amateurs Natalie got in the same position that Samantha was in and I got between her legs like he had. Then I slipped my cock into my sister’s pussy. We finished before they did and I started taking pictures again. I got my cum dripping out of Nude Amateurs Natalie’s pussy and his cock slamming into Samantha’s pussy.

When her husband was done filling her, Samantha again whispered in Nude Amateurs Natalie’s ear. The next thing I knew they were back in their sixty-nine going at it again. But that time it was more of a clean up mission. Nude Amateurs Natalie was on top and I could see my cum drip onto Samantha’s tongue and then disappear into her mouth. I also watched as Samantha licked my sister’s butt hole. I got a good picture too because she saw me and held the pose.

The very tip of her pointed tongue was resting on my sister’s pucker ring. Then Samantha posed with her tongue in my sister’s pussy and with her nose in there too. Samantha used all of her fingers to open Nude Amateurs Natalie up for me to photograph. She was all pink and shinny inside. Then I went to the other end to take pictures of Nude Amateurs Natalie’s face. It was not as good so I asked Samantha to get on top and she just rolled them both over for me. That was much better.

My cock was hard when Samantha’s husband told me to stick it in his wife’s pussy then feed it into my sister’s mouth. I couldn’t believe that he told me to fuck his wife, but I wasn’t about to turn him down. Samantha told me to fuck her good and then just before I cum to put it in my sister’s mouth so that she could give her first blowjob. It was incredible and I had a hard time pulling my cock out of her.

After she had sucked me clean Samantha asked Nude Amateurs Natalie if her husband could cum in her mouth too, just to give her a different taste of course. So I took pictures of him fucking his wife and feeding his cock to my sister.

Seeing my cock hard again Samantha suggested that I fuck my sister and then feed my cock into her mouth. I liked fucking my sister and I liked the way that Samantha sucked my cock. It was the best of both worlds.

I took pictures of him standing between the two girls with all of them naked, then he took some of me with them too. Before we left he transferred all of the pictures to his computer, turned some ninety degrees, and then made two CDs for us. He put his away safely and then we reviewed my CD.

The girls loved everything, so did we guys. By the end of the slide show I was feeling up his wife and he was feeling up my sister. With his wife’s permission and my sister’s permission he fucked Nude Amateurs Natalie. He insisted that I record it even though it was against all rules for him to fuck a minor girl. Nude Amateurs Natalie loved the way his bigger cock filled her vagina stretching her walls fully. She cried out in her first cock induced orgasm too.

It was a big day for Nude Amateurs Natalie. She made love to her first woman, she lost her virginity to me, she sucked two cocks to climax, and she let a second man fuck her to orgasm. I got to fuck two girls and have them both suck my cock.

Another CD was made and again I was cautioned to hide them in a good place. He and Samantha could get in a lot more trouble than Nude Amateurs Natalie and I could. We made a date to take some public flashing pictures that Saturday.

On our way home Nude Amateurs Natalie told me that I would never have to jerk off again and that I could fuck her anytime that I wanted too. I suggested that we do it before and after school and then again before bed. Nude Amateurs Natalie said that would be fine with her and if I needed a quickie in school that it would be fine too. A quickie in school? Now that could be interesting.

I got to cum in her pussy before bed, before she got up in the morning, and at lunchtime in Samantha’s classroom with her standing guard for us. We fucked again after school, after dinner, and again at bedtime. Five a day could work out well for both of us.

Mom noticed a change in us. We were happier, we weren’t fighting, and we didn’t give her any sass. She wanted to know why.

Nude Amateurs Natalie in all of her innocence said, “We found an outlet for our sexual tension.”

Mom smiled and asked, “And what would that be?”

Nude Amateurs Natalie tried for her little girl look and blurted out, “I flash, he takes pictures, and then we fuck our brains out.”

Mom choked on that one. She didn’t say a word for almost a full minute and then she said, “So you like to flash for him, you like to take pictures of your sister, and you two have sex together. Is that about it?”

I replied, “Yes.”

Mom had composed herself by then and said, “You two are chips off the old block as they used to say. I like to flash for your father, he likes to take pictures of me doing it, and then we fuck like bunnies afterwards too.”

Nude Amateurs Natalie asked, “So you’re okay with it?”

Mom said, “Of course I am. I used to fuck my brothers when I was your age, in fact I still do.”

I couldn’t help myself I just had to ask, “Will you join us in a threesome sometime?”

Nude Amateurs Natalie added, “Or a foursome with Dad.”

Mom said, “Why stop there I know your uncles would love to fuck you Nude Amateurs Natalie, and your aunts would love to get you in bed too sonny.”

I raised my camera and asked Mom to show me her tits. She just smiled and lifted her top up along with her bra too. I took a couple of pictures then Mom removed her blouse and bra for me. Nude Amateurs Natalie got topless and stood next to her.

The best picture was of Mom’s expression when Dad opened the front door and gasped. She quickly explained the situation and said that if she could join Nude Amateurs Natalie and I in bed that Nude Amateurs Natalie would join him and her in bed. That got a smile out of Dad, then he told her to get started.

I followed the two topless girls into my bedroom. Mom let me take all of the pictures that I wanted as long as they didn’t get out and get her in trouble. Again the secrecy thing with adults and minor children. I assured her that I could be trusted but she said that she would get me a safe to put in my closet and keep everything in anyway. Good!

Well Mom and Nude Amateurs Natalie made out nicely, I got to fuck Mom twice, and I got a ton of pictures of her.

Then it was Dad’s turn. Nude Amateurs Natalie said that he took a lot less pictures and that he only fucked her once, but it was a good one.

After that Nude Amateurs Natalie and I started sleeping together. Occasionally Mom and Nude Amateurs Natalie would change beds. We kept in touch with Samantha and her husband too. All three girls would flash for me indoors or outdoors, in the woods or on the beach, and in a crowded shopping mall or a deserted street. Nude Amateurs Natalie always seemed to outdo Mom and Samantha. She was a gutsy little thing. One time she sat on a Police Car right in front of the Police Station with cops behind her on the steps and flashed me her tits and pussy before she ran off almost unnoticed.

I blew that one up and have it in a frame on my bedroom wall.

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