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Welcome to the Cuckold Elevator

Cuckold Elevator

I walked hand in hand with my Cuckold husband as we entered the Emerald Hotel. It covered a huge property and had so many floors that when I looked up I couldn’t even see the top! We walked through the lobby and I watched as the sparkling chandelier shined above me. Cuckold Sami and I walked to the counter to get our passes for the conference and our room key. I looked forward to this Cuckold Christian conference every year. It was filled with Cuckold adults of all ages who truly loved God and loved to spread His word and His love. As Cuckold Sami talked to the women at the counter, my eyes gazed around the room and took in everything that was around me. They landed on a Cuckold man that leaned against the wall where the lifts were. He was tall, at least a few inches taller than me and I knew that was something that was hard to be because of how tall I was. I could see the muscles through the fibers of his dark blue suit and he was absolutely hypnotizing. He caught me staring and when his eyes met mine, he winked and I couldn’t help but blush.

When Cuckold Sami finished with the badges and passes, he turned around and grabbed my hand, smiling up at me as we walked to the elevators together. I squeezed his hand tighter and had to physically shake my head no to get the indecent thoughts of undressing that muscular man out of my head. We met a crowd of people at the elevator and they all piled in at once. Our floor was at the top of the building and it was cramped inside the small area. We scooted back as far as we could go in order to make room for everyone and I found myself towards the back with Cuckold Sami in front of me and a few people behind me as well. It wasn’t until I felt something hard poking at my ass that I turned around and realized that my tall muscular man was standing right behind me. I felt so naughty, every time the lift hit a bit of a bump his dick pressed harder against me. My cheeks felt hot and the only thing that I could think of to combat the sinful and lustful thoughts that clouded my mind was to preach.

“Cuckold Sami … I have been thinking about sin and lust …” the elevator bumped again and the stranger’s dick pressed against me again, this time I could feel his hand rubbing on himself. “The sacrifice of Christ was so painful that He truly deserves every bit of us, our actions, our bodies … should all be consecrated to Him. We can’t let sin rule over us!” I could hear a few people in the elevator agree with me — that was the blessing about being a part of such a large Cuckold Christian conference, the majority of the Cuckold individuals within the elevator were probably Cuckold Christians and would appreciate my preaching … even if the only reason that I was doing it was to ignore the fact that the incredibly hot muscular man behind me now had his dick out and was rubbing his hand all over my ass and pulling at the elastic on my panties underneath my bright blue sundress.

“His grace should not be taken advantage of! It is not by our own deeds that we get saved but still we shouldn’t take grace for granted … we must live in holiness. Let us sing for Him!” I racked my brain for the perfect song and then began singing with all of my might as the man behind me began to push his finger against my asshole.

“A longing stirs in my soul, draws me near, calls me close, deeper into this love, that won’t run out, won’t dry up, oh, let it rain, oh, let it rain!”

I felt so embarrassed, my face turned red doing this — not only with another man but also while people around me were praising the Lord. The idea of being taken advantage of by another man was something that turned me on more than I ever expected it to. Another bump of the elevator and I could feel his cock push into my vagina. His finger danced around my asshole and I could feel my body begging for it to go inside as the elevator’s constant stops and starts allowed him to fuck me without either of us having to move too much at all.

The song continued and I sang loud so everyone in the elevator could hear, distracting everyone around me from all of the dirty and nasty things that were happening in my body and in my head.

“Only now will I come, before your throne, holy One, by your thunderous grace, Spirit flood, come flood this place, oh, let it rain, oh, let it rain, let your glory fall, overwhelm my soul, let your presence flood my life, oh Lord!”

All I could think about when the words of the song came out was the Lord cumming inside of me, the Spirit flooding me with all of the beautiful juices that the Lord can give. Was the Lord cumming inside of me through this stranger? Was this man a Cuckold Christian too? One of my Cuckold brethren? If so then maybe this was something that could truly be from the Lord Himself!

“Lust is what caused King David to commit such a heinous crime … like the planning of the death of Uriah because of Bathsheba’s beauty! His lust overtook him and pushed him to plan the death of one of his soldiers! All for what? To FUCK his wife? It is absolutely disgraceful!” I felt so dirty saying the word ‘fuck’ in front of a group of Christians but at the same time I knew that I was getting even wetter with the thoughts of being so naughty. I could feel the man behind me start to thrust himself in and out of me, pushing his long, hard cock inside of me and making me crave more. As I preached I looked at my husband and realized that I was quite literally cuckolding him behind his back! The idea that I was doing something like this to him, when he could turn around and find out at any moment what was going on turned me on even more. “Our bodies are for the Lord! They should only be for the Lord and all of His works!”

I felt the hot breath of the muscular man on my ear. “I’m gonna cum inside you.” Hearing his words and imagining his warm cum made the hairs on my arms stand on end. I preached even louder than before just to keep a hold on my own sanity.

“The Lord deserves all of us, every place and even every hole! Psalm 101:3 states ‘I will not look with approval on anything that is vile. I hate what faithless people do; I will have no part in it!’ We must do the things that are worthy … OH! Stretch me more Lord … LORD, cum in me!” I wanted the Holy Spirit to fill me. I felt the last push from the man as his warm cum began to fill me. I couldn’t help myself but take the naughtiness and dirtiness to the next level. As the doors to the elevators closed and a new crowd of people pushed their way in, I leaned forward towards my husband and whispered in his ear.

“I’ve got another man’s seed filling me …” He turned around quickly and I could see the anger in his eyes. I felt my body tense and I knew I was going to cum soon myself, so before he could say anything I cried out at the top of my lungs.

“Does the Lord love sinners? Does He? Yes, He does! Even me! Even nowww …” My pussy tensed around the stranger’s cock as my body orgasmed. I grabbed my husband by his cheeks and pulled him into me, kissing him passionately and allowing my tongue to slide into his mouth before he could get any kind of word in edgewise. I pulled back as the elevator pulled up to a stop, this time it was our floor.

“I love you, Sami.” I didn’t think I could’ve been any sluttier than this. Telling my husband that I loved him as the stranger’s cock slipped out of my cunt. I scooted my way out of the elevator doors and walked down the hallway with Sami at my heels. I could feel the warm cum slowly dripping down my inner thigh. When we got to the room, Sami pushed in front of me to open the door. While he fiddled with the key, I reached down and scooped up the cum on my finger. Quickly, I made the sign of the cross before placing it on my tongue. I pushed it up and allowed it to rub on the roof of my mouth, letting the metallic and strong taste fill every corner of my mouth before swallowing and following my husband into our hotel room.

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