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MistressMistress: He had just come in from outside, where the moon and street lights were glowing. His night vision was shot for now. He shut the door and leaned against it. It was pitch black, but he could feel a presence off to his left. His heart was pounding and his palms grew damp. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and let it out slowly.

Where are you?” He asked. He felt a soft fingertip pressed against his lips and a low husky voice saying, “Don’t talk.” The finger moved over his lips in a slow caress.

“Keep your hands pressed to the door.” he heard. He pressed his palms to the wood grain, and pushed his buttocks against them to keep them glued to the door as Mistress requested. With his eyes still closed, he could feel the softness of the fingertip float down his chin to his chest. He heard a whisper of silk, and felt the zipper of his jacket open under questing fingers.

He opened his eyes and waited for them to adjust to the dark. When they did, he could make out the top of her head bent over his chest. The perfume that she wore wafted up, tickled his nose and he breathed deeply. Just from her scent, he could tell that she was highly aroused, and that made his cock jerk in reaction. Her hands had reached under his jacket, he could feel her hands running slowly, oh god so slowly, over his uniform shirt and the vest he wore under it.

Mistress Questions

Horny Mistress“Why do you still have this on?” She asked quietly. She pushed his jacket over his broad shoulders and it stopped where his arms were pressed into the door.

“I forgot to take it off, Mistress.” He breathed. God, but she smelled good. His cock was swelling in his pants, standing up and saying “HELLO!”

He felt her more than he saw her, felt her hands grip his shirt and rip. Buttons went flying everywhere. She gripped both the jacket and shirt and pulled him into the middle of the floor. He quickly stripped them off, and her hands went to the straps that were holding his vest together. He pulled that over his head and he could hear her harsh breathing.

He dropped the whole mess, thinking “Damn, gotta get another shirt again.” Then tensed his abdominal muscles as her doubled-up fisted planted itself in his gut. He was a big guy, well over six feet, with heavy ropes of muscle packed onto his frame. She was at least ten inches shorter than he was, but built voluptuously with muscles of her own.

“Down, BITCH!” He dropped to his knees, head down with his hands bracing himself on the floor. He was trying to get his wind back, and she yanked a hand full of hair and pulled his face close to hers. “What did I tell you, BITCH!” She snarled. “You NEVER wear that uniform here. NEVER!” She let go of his hair and pushed his head into the floor. “Stay there.” She growled.

He could hear her walking around, digging in something… a click and saw a golden glow out of the corner of his eye, and smelled the acrid smoke of her cigarette. He saw her bare feet walk back to him and pause. “I can see that I’m going to have to teach you another lesson, which this time will hopefully stick.” She said softly. She flicked her cigarette ashes on his back, and he knew better than to react to that beautiful sting of pain. He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing.

He could hear her move away from him to the toy cabinet, and his gut clenched. He felt a touch of fear, but kept his place. She could and would do anything to him, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.

“Umm, what to do… what to do.” He heard her mumble to herself. “I’ve whipped him for this very thing, and that didn’t work. How can I…” A sharp breath, then “Ah, yes. This should do the trick nicely.” Leather creaking, metal tinkling… his mind raced, trying to match the sounds with what was in that cabinet. Before he could think of what it could be, her fingers threaded through his hair and his head was jerked up and he saw it. Her strap-on. Eight inches of flesh colored plastic with a broad head.

He tried to say something, anything, to tell her that he wasn’t ready for it… but she took advantage of his open mouth and shoved it down his throat. His fisted his hands and tried to relax his throat, to take all of it.

“Suck my cock, bitch. Make it good.” His breathing was getting heavier, and he could smell her arousal through the leather and plastic. He pulled his mouth back and she pushed it back in. She grabbed his head and started to fuck his face, hard. He could hear himself making involuntary noises in the back his throat, and looked up into her face. The hard glint in her eyes gave him a clue, and his anus tightened in response. His balls drew up and his cock swelled to painfulness. She ripped his face off her cock and tightened her hand in his hair.

“Crawl bitch. Over to the bed and lay over it.” She went to the other side and tied his wrists to the opposite side. He was stretched out across the bed, with his legs hanging off the other side. She went around and grabbed a pant leg and he could hear her cutting the cloth. His underwear was next until he was laid bare to her gaze.

“Spread your legs bitch. Open your ass.” He pulled his legs up and bowed his back until he could feel the air caress his hole. Something warm was poured over his ass and he felt her finger enter him. Then another finger. The sensation was incredible, he could feel her rub lightly over his prostate, but not enough to satisfy the aching in his cock. Her fingers left him and he wanted to weep.

Then he felt the cold plastic where her fingers had been and he really wanted to cry. He felt her push the head in, and it popped past the first ring. His breathing was very heavy now, like he was running a race. She pulled back a little bit and pushed again. The ripping, burning pain was too much… “Mistress, please… no more!” He begged.

“Aw, is the little bitch in pain?” She smacked his ass. “I wanted more preparation, but no, you had to disobey me.” She pulled out more and he felt more oil coat his stretched out asshole. She pushed the strap-on back in, almost to the hilt. Then she started to pump in and out. The pain was being replaced with pleasure, and he started to relax. “Don’t you dare cum, you little bitch.” As she slapped his ass again. Her hands gripped his hips as she started to slam in and out of his ass. God, he wanted more.

He moaned and strained to ropes, trying to scoot back to take more. He could tell she was close to cumming, just by listening to her rapid breathing. He could feel the cock up his ass rub on his prostate again and almost lost it. The cum was boiling up in his cock and she gave one final slam of the strap on and held it in place. Her breathing was still very hard and she was gripping and releasing his hips with her fingers. He wiggled his ass some, trying to get her go again, but she slapped him hard.

“I told you not to move, bitch!” She pulled the cock out of his ass and he felt bereft. She walked around to his head and released his wrists. He lay there and she took off the strap-on and told him to make sure it got clean and put back into it’s place. He could not believe this. That’s it?! Oh hell no it’s not.

He got up and walked over to where she was looking for her cigarettes again. He turned her around, picked her up and rammed her against the wall and pinned her. He grinned evilly at her. “Oh no Ma’am, this is not over… not by a long shot!”

But that is a story for another time… if you can handle it.



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