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Adult Date Finder

My name is Jeff and I’m a father of two and husband to an amazing woman. My oldest daughter had just turned 18 and started dating. She was often leaving the house late and coming back early in the morning. Her mother and I spent many nights up worrying about her and if she was safe.

I had just turned 50 and my wife was 45 at this time. She had an amazing petite body with large natural C cup tits. We decided to stop worrying about our daughter and get out of the house and have fun.

We started going out on dates again, it had been a long time since we enjoyed these. We went to plays, shows, and even started spicing up our sex life by visiting some strip clubs.

Our sex life was out of control. We both couldn’t get enough of each other and the passion had never been stronger. One night after a great dinner, we went to the strip club both horny and anxious to see some gorgeous women.

We spent the night both sliding singles into g strings and cleavage. Eventually, around midnight we left the club and headed to the car. My wife was all over me. Sliding her hand up and down my leg and grabbing my cock through my pants.

I told her we should head to the closest park and we could fool around in the car. She agreed that it would be fun. We drove to the closest that we knew of.

We drove in expecting to find an empty parking lot at this time of night but instead was greeted by several cars also parked. There were no signs of life, all lights were off and all cars were empty.

Curiously we pulled in and parked as well. We got out of the car and looked around but couldn’t see anything. We did hear some talking in the distance.

Over in the distance where the illuminated playground was, we could see some people and then we heard it. Moaning! We could hear what sounded like someone having sex.

Both of us in our slightly drunken and extremely horny state thought it was a great idea to wander over and see what was happening. We quietly walked up the trail to that area. Once we were close enough to see, clearly we were both shocked by the sight before us.

There were several guys standing around and what looked like two girls in the middle of them both with their shirts and pants off kneeling in their bra and panties.

My wife leaned over and whispered in my ear, “holy shit I think this is an orgy or something.” I asked her if she wanted to leave and she responded, “Hell no this is hotter than the strip club. I agreed. We stood in the distance and enjoyed the show.

We watched as the two girls took turns sucking on the guys cocks standing around them. My wife was rubbing my cock through my pants. I reached over and slid my hand into her pants. Her pussy was wet and hot.

This was turning her on faster than I had ever seen before. We were far enough away to not draw attention to us but then we heard someone walking behind us from the parking lot. A young guy in his late 20’s walked up and said to us, “You don’t have to stand back here, you can get closer, everyone’s welcome.

These two girls are horny freaks and sure put on a good show.” He kept walking and joined the crowd playing. We saw him take down his pants and slide his cock into one of the girl’s mouths.

She was jerking off two other guys while this new person started to thrust into her mouth. The other girl was now on her back. Several guys were groping at her bra covered tits and rubbing her pussy. There were so many hands and they were really getting rough with her which seemed to only turn her on more.

My wife took my hand and started to walk closer. I could tell that her horniness had taken over her. She was never this bold and much more reserved in new situations. We walked up and stood in the outer ring of the crowd.

I could see now that there were about 15 guys in total, the two girls in the middle and one other woman standing in the crowd. There was a guy behind her with his hand inside of her pants clearly rubbing her pussy. My wife also noticed this and whispered to me, “I guess we’re not the only couple here.”

That’s when we saw the guy next to her also slide his hand into her pants. I told her, “I guess he’s cool with sharing her.” She responded that it was hot. We went back to looking at the show in front of us.

These two girls were gorgeous. Both tight young bodies with a nice rack on both of them. The guy that was fucking the one girls face pulled out of her mouth and walked over to the other girl laying on her back. That’s when my wife and I saw her face for the first time. It was our daughter!!

We both froze. I could tell she saw her face as well. Another guy approached her and pushed his cock into her mouth and she started to bob her head up and down on it. We both didn’t move. Not sure what to say, what to do.

We just watched the shock in front of us happen. We watched as our 18-year-old daughter jerked off two cocks while some guy fucked her mouth. The guy next to me leaned over and said, “You should have seen her last week, I’ve never seen a whore covered in more cum in my life.

She must have gotten fucked by at least 15 different guys and most of them cummed on her.” Hearing this sent a shiver down my back but to my surprise, it made me hot. Shit, what is wrong with me I thought to myself. That’s when my wife slid her hand over my rock hard cock. She looked at me and said, “What’s wrong with us.

This is turning me on too. We are terrible people.” I slid my hand back into her pants and felt that she was dripping wet from watching our daughter. I didn’t respond to her but instead just started to play with her pussy.

We watched as the other girl on her back had her bra and panties pulled off her now. She was riding on top of a guys cock while she was sucking on two different cocks alternating back and forth. It looked like our daughters best friend.

I felt my wife’s pants get tight on my wrist so I looked over at her. There was another guy to her left that had slid his hand into her pants. His hand was also reaching her pussy to play with it. I looked at my wife’s face and she just stayed staring ahead, watching her daughter being used as a sex toy. If it was possible my dick would have gotten harder knowing another guy was playing with her pussy.

I moved my fingers to her clit and allowed him access. I could feel him sliding a finger into her pussy and pulling it in and out. My wife’s breathing started to increase slightly. Another guy walked up behind her and slid his hands over her shirt working to her tits. He started to grab and squeeze her boobs and pinching her nipples through her shirt and bra.

She was struggling to keep her eyes open with pleasure. I slid my hand out of her pants so that I could turn and get a better view of my wife. I don’t think she could even tell. She was in pure pleasure from two strangers playing with her body.

I let them continue as I enjoyed the show. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock. I started to slowly stroke it while alternating watching my wife getting played with and my daughter getting used.

The guy playing with her pussy started to slide her pants and panties down. He then knelt in front of her and started to lick her pussy. I leaned forward and started to make out with her to reassure her that I was ok with this and it was turning me on. I felt her shirt being pulled up so I leaned back and her shirt and bra were pulled over her head.

By this time two more guys had directed her attention to my wife. I went back to stroking my cock. I looked back at my daughter’s friend and decided I wanted to see this action up close.

I walked over to where she was riding another guys cock and stood behind her. I was watching her slowly ride up and down this guys cock while she jerked off a guy in each hand. One of the guys blasted a load of cum over her and stepped back away from her.

She reached out for someone to replace him. She found my cock next. She was sucking the other cock while jerking mine. She pulled up off of his and moved to mine. She took me into her mouth and looked up. She froze as her eyes met my face.

She was still moving slightly on my cock as she was still being fucked. She grinned slightly and took my cock all the way into her mouth up to my balls.

I was balls deep into my daughter’s best friends mouth while she was getting fucked and jerking off another guy. I leaned back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. After several seconds I looked back over my shoulder in my wife’s direction.

She wasn’t where I had left her. I looked around and then behind me. She was now straddling the guy’s face that was licking her pussy from before. There was one guy standing in front of her trying to get her to suck his cock which was standing out hard in front of her. She shook her head no and the guys kept insisting.

I could tell she wanted to be able to watch her daughter. I looked over my right shoulder at my daughter. She was now getting fucked by two guys. A guy was under her fucking her ass while another guy knelt over her and was fucking her pussy.

She looked gorgeous taking both dicks. Looking back at my wife and she finally gave in. She was sucking the guy’s dick and also was jerking off another one. My daughter’s friend pulled on my cock. I looked back at her and she was legs spread in my direction and she was pulling me to tell me to fuck her.

I knelt down and she slid my cock up and down her pussy. Her pussy was gushing several loads of cum out of it. I slid right in and it felt like nothing else I’ve ever felt. Her 18-year-old pussy was so tight yet so slippery from so much cum. I started to pump away at her teen pussy. I didn’t last too long and started to unload my load deep inside her. She had a huge smile on her face as I slid out of her.

She was quickly re-directed as another guy took my spot and started to fuck her pussy while her mouth was also quickly filled with another cock. I stood there just having a huge orgasm and wasn’t sure what to do next. Typically I was a one and done kinda guy. The sight of my daughter getting fucked snapped me back quickly.

I surveyed the crowd and went back to enjoying the show. I noticed a guy standing jerking off and it was our neighbour. He was standing between my daughter and my wife just looking back and forth. This guy must have been in heaven.

His luck that he gets to watch the next-door wife and daughter both getting gangbanged. I saw him walk up to my daughter and he slid his cock into her mouth. I walked up behind her for the first time and got a better look. There she was my teen daughter, covered in cum sucking our neighbours cock.

She was riding on top of some big black cock and her pussy stretching out over it. I knelt next to her and reached out to play with her tits. I looked over at my wife and she was smiling while watching her husband play with her daughter’s tits.

My neighbour noticed me at this point. My daughter was deep throating him and he saw me playing with her nipples. The surprise made him unload immediately deep into her throat.

He was quickly replaced with another cock. I was grabbing at her perky teen tits. They felt amazing. I had always wondered what they looked like much less how they felt.

I wanted to suck on her tits but they were completely covered in cum and decided against it. She still had not seen me and from what I could tell didn’t know her mother and I were even there. I stood up and walked over to my neighbour. Both of us standing there naked with our cocks hard hanging. He was shocked that I was there and that my wife was also there.

I asked him how often this had been happening. He said that it started pretty much after my daughter turned 18. He said that he’s fucked her several times already in the past.

He said that her pussy is so tight and it’s hard to last longer than a couple of minutes in her. Hearing my neighbour describe to me how he had fucked and came inside my daughter turned me on. He also noticed and said damn dude it’s hot that you were just touching your daughter’s tits. I asked him if his wife knew and he said she had no idea.

He was at a “Poker” game right now. He has a daughter in the same grade as mine so I asked if she knew about him or my daughter and he said hell no she had no idea. He asked if it was alright if he fucked my wife.

I told him that if she let him it would be cool to watch but she hadn’t fucked anyone yet and was more infatuated with watching her daughter get fucked. He pointed over at my wife and said look.

I turned my head slowly and saw the most gorgeous site. My wife was riding on top of a cock in her ass while my daughter’s best friend had her face buried in her pussy licking her up and down.

A guy was holding her hair and fucking her mouth as fast as he could thrust. I told him she was fair game and to get in there. My daughter was still fucking and sucking next to me.

I decided the hell with it. I waited until the guy in her pussy came and then I pushed my way in. While her head was turned to the side sucking some cock I crawled up onto her and slid my cock into her.

I could feel the other cock in her ass sliding in and out. I never imagined how good that would feel. Besides the thought of being inside my daughters pussy. I leaned forward and took my daughters cum covered tit into my mouth.

The urge was too great not to. I used my tongue and tweaked her nipple around in my mouth. I kept thrusting as deep as I could every time. My daughter took a load in her mouth from the last cock and turned to face me.

She smiled with cum coming down her cheek and said, “Took you long enough.” Holy shit she knew I was here the whole time. She asked if her mom knew.

I pointed over to her friend still going down on her mother while she was fucking and sucking. Her jaw dropped. She clearly only saw me and had no idea she was here. She said out loud, “What a slut mom, nice.” She watched her mother getting used while I kept fucking away at her. I could see her in pure pleasure.

Along with the feeling of her being double penetrated, I started to cum. I thrust the deepest I have ever in my life. I pulled out of her and watched as I added even more cum to her shaved pussy as it dripped out of her. She said watch this.

She stood up and slid the other Adult Date Finder cock out of her Adult Date Finder  ass. She walked over to her Adult Date Finder mother. She waited until a Adult Date Finder  guy fucking her Adult Date Finder mouth had finished. When he pulled out she straddled over her Adult Date Finder mom’s face and said, “lick dads cum from your daughter’s pussy” and pushed her mom’s face into her pussy. She pushed her tongue deep into her pussy. My sister’s friend sat up to watch the show.

My Adult Date Finder  neighbour took her place and slid his Adult Date Finder  cock into my Adult Date Finder  wife’s Adult Date Finder  pussy for the first time. Out of the corner of her eye, I could see that she saw him. She looked like such a Adult Date Finder  slut. I could tell she was cumming at one point. I wonder what number that was for the Adult Date Finder  night.

Eventually, the Adult Date Finder crowd thinned out and my Adult Date Finder wife and Adult Date Finder daughter were done and satisfied. I watched my Adult Date Finder daughter and her Adult Date Finder friend collect their clothes and get dressed. Their clothes were stuck to their bodies from all Adult Date Finder  the cum.

I helped my Adult Date Finder wife get dressed as well. We all walked back to the Adult Date Finder cars together. I asked my Adult Date Finder daughter how long she had done this and she said she started it the day she turned Adult Date Finder 18 a couple of months ago. Her Adult Date Finder boyfriend at the time convinced her to try it. She said the first time he set up several of his friends to Adult Date Finder  gang bang her.

She said that he brought 4-5 Adult Date Finder  friends with him and they all took Adult Date Finder  turns with her. At one Adult Date Finder  point she said that he left but other Adult Date Finder strangers kept showing up. She said that she just couldn’t get Adult Date Finder  enough and fell in Adult Date Finder  love with it. She said she must have had at least 8 or 9 Adult Date Finder cocks inside her that night. Since then she’s been coming out every Adult Date Finder  weekend.

She even told a Adult Date Finder couple of her close Adult Date Finder friends about it and a Adult Date Finder  couple has joined her. She said that even the Adult Date Finder  neighbour’s daughter came out once but then she found out her Adult Date Finder  dad went sometimes and got scared and didn’t come anymore.

What a Adult Date Finder  night of Adult Date Finder fun. I couldn’t fuck anymore but I was still turned on with what had happened tonight. My wife and daughter were both Adult Date Finder  cum sluts. I can’t wait for what’s to come.