Couple Seeking a Unicorn
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Couple Seeking a Unicorn

Your a couple seeking a unicorn. Your Couple Seeking a Unicorn looks alone are not enough. You want potential unicorns to know that you’re a Couple Seeking a Unicorn who are safe and will treat them well.

Couple Seeking a Unicorn
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Couple Seeking a Unicorn

Couple Seeking a Unicorn
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I lay back between my two new lovers, my naked body covered in a gloss of sweat and oil. I smiled at Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis across the room, each of my hands resting lazily on the cock of the naked men either side of me. I was exhausted but deeply satisfied from our hard and urgent threesome.

“It seems Couple Seeking a Unicorn Chloe that I can’t leave you alone for five minutes without you surrendering to your animal lust”, said Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis, his eyes obviously enjoying my young, naked body.

“Emilio, Dano, put your clothes on and carry this naked slut up to her room,” he said firmly before taking a long sip from his wine.

The two mexicans stood up and put on their clothes, I lounged casually on the sofa smiling as Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis. Once dressed they did as they were told and both man-handled me as they had done earlier, when I lay by the pool. Lifting my naked body easily they carried me back up to the house and Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis followed.

We went up the stairs and into my room. With me still in their arms the two guys looked to Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis for direction.
“Put her in the shower would you”, he nodded to the bathroom. Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis followed the three of us in, turning on the shower as Dano and Emilio lowered me to the floor and made to leave.

“No, I think you two should stay, I’m sure that this little slut could easily handle the three of us, don’t you think?”

They both grinned lustily and began to undress again as Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis moved me into the cubicle and the hot water began to spray on to my taught body. I let the water cover me and pushed my wet hair over my head with both hands and I watched as Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis too began to undress.

My pussy and ass were still tingling and although my body ached from the days adventures the hot water felt so good that another session with some lusty guys was just what I fancied. God, what had I become? How could I ever go back to my old job now? My filthy lust had overtaken me and I was now some sort of insatiable slut!

Couple Seeking a Unicorn
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Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis stepped into the cubicle with me, his warm hands began to soap my wet body, his erection stood flat up against his stomach, it was shockingly hard.

The other two were now also naked. Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis invited them to join us, even in the big walk in shower it was going to be a tight squeeze. Emilio and Dano moved in beside me so that I had my back against the wall and was hemmed in by three naked, and very horny men.

The warm sudsy water made my body shine and I leant back, letting the guys explore my body with their soapy hands. They grabbed my ass and groped my big tits. Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis poured hair conditioner into his hands and began to rub it into my skin, making me feel all smooth and lubricated, it felt wonderful. There is nothing like the feeling of being the centre of attention for a group of sexy men, the feeling of their hands on your body.

I moved my hands between their raging hard-ons, stroking them firmly and enjoying their deep moans of pleasure. Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me down, I took the hint and gladly obeyed, going down on my knees and coming face to face with their three fat cocks. I took Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis’ raging member into my mouth, opening wide and feeling him push it into my throat.

While I fought the urge to gag on his veiny tool my hands worked sensually on the well soaped erections of the two other guys… I was becoming very skilled at pleasuring several men at once.

“You dirty slut yes suck daddy’s cock! Suck me you fucking whore!”, said Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis, his erection straining in my mouth. I guess watching me take both the guys back in the pool house must have got him very turned on and it felt like he was ready to lose his first load. I felt him grab my hair and push his dick into my my mouth harder, his big balls pressing against my chin. Then with a loud grunt his cock began to throb and jerk as cum flooded into my throat.

I swallowed as best I could with his erection jammed so deep, but eventually I gagged and brought out a load of cum filled saliva all over the base of his tool as I pulled my head away gasping, the cum running down my chin.

Before I could catch my breath Emilio aimed his hard knob into my open mouth and thrust forward, putting a hand behind my neck and pulling my head towards him.

I closed my eyes as Emilio began to face fuck me, my hand still pumping Dano’s cock rhythmically. I heard him moan loudly and then felt his cock throb in my hand, thick, warm cum splashing across my tits, then being washed away by the warm water. Emilio also seemed to be in a hurry to get the first load out of his system.

He pulled back and loosed several thick shots of semen into my face and hair, the water quickly washing the cum off my face and down my wet, naked body,

Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis grabbed my arm and pulled me up, he had a look in his eye that told me I was in for a serious long, hard session at the hands of these three men. He was going to get his moneys worth out of me tonight.

“Take her to the bed”, he commanded and his two men grabbed my wet, glossed body and dragged me into the bedroom.
“Fuck”, I thought, “these guys are going to fuck me senseless”, and actually started to feel a little worried.

Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis walked in to the closet and came back out with some leather restraints, which he tossed to Dano.
“Tie her to the bed with these”, he said.

Emilio grabbed my arms and pulled them up to the head of the bed. Then Dano wrapped the leather strapped restraint around my wrists, pulling them together above my head and binding them to the frame at the head of the bed.

Then they grabbed a leg each and strapped my ankles to the foot of the bed, my legs stretched wide. My heart raced, I felt totally helpless, I began to panic a little. Normally no matter the sexual situation,

I feel somehow in control when I am the centre of desire. I don’t mind a bit of playful bondage but this seemed a very different Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis to the guy who had hung me up by my wrists int the stable as part of his kinky role-play. His eyes held something different and it made me nervous.

I began to strain at my bindings, my body squirming on the bed, writhing helplessly. Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis took a bottle of oil and began to slowly pour it over my moving body.

“Please undo the straps I don’t like it .. please, I really want to be your play thing but… but please untie me this time” I said, my voice sounding strange. Maybe I was in too deep, this man was rich and powerful … and ruthless.

“Shut her up!”, Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis said, reaching into a drawer and pulling out a thick, squat rubber cock attached to some sort of harness and passing it to Dano. He reached down putting the harness around my head and slipping the cock shaped rubber gag into my mouth
“NO.. please .. mmmffff”, the rubber cock fitted snuggly, silencing me.

“Now boys, are you ready to start again? I think once we’ve had our fun its only fair that all the other members of staff get to enjoy my purchase, don’t you?”,

Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis smiled coldly as Dano and Emilio stroked their growing erections and nodded agreement.
“..but first lets give this piece of fuck meat the rough fucking of her life, what woman doesn’t honestly enjoy being totally powerless and used like a cheap whore? A little bit of pain just heightens the pleasure”

Then came a knock at the door.
“Yes?”, snapped Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis
From outside came Anton’s voice,”It’s Miss Naomi, sir. She’s on her way”

“What?!”, said Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis as he walked to the door and unlocked it, opening it to let Anton in.
“Miss Naomi, Sir. She called the house phone to say she is on her way. She apparently got an earlier flight home”, said Anton, his casual gaze taking in the sight of my naked, oiled body stretched and tied across the bed with an obscene looking rubbed cock strapped into my mouth as if it was something he saw every day (maybe, it was).

“Damn”, said Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis, “Just as things were about to get interesting”.
Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis picked up his clothes and walked to the door,

“Boys, untie her and pick up your things and get back to work. Anton, take Miss Sliver to the number one guest room, then lock this room. I don’t want Naomi coming in here. Miss Silver…”, Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis addressed me as if I were his PA in an office rather than his sexual plaything, laying oiled and naked in his little fantasy sex room,

“… there are some more suitable clothes in the closet of the guest room. As soon as my daughter Naomi arrives you will act as if you are just a representative of Miss Rhodes, and that you are here as my guest while we work on some corporate takeover. Understood?”

Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis now had a flinty, professional manner about him, very different to the extreme sexual animal I had just seen standing naked over my bound body.

“Yes, I understand”, I replied, my mouth aching from the rubber cock gag and face fucking he and Emilio had given me.
“You will join Naomi and I at dinner for 7pm tonight. See you then”, and with that he left the room closely followed by Emilio and Dano.

Anton helped me to my feet then fetched a robe from the bathroom.
“Please follow me MIss Silver”, said Anton.

After locking the door behind us Anton led me to a room one floor up. It was beautiful with a big bathroom and even a balcony.
“You have a few hours before dinner Miss, may I suggest a long bath and maybe some rest. There are a selection of drinks in the bar area. Please make yourself comfortable”.

I must have looked a little dazed; Anton stepped into the walk in closet and returned with a lovely black cocktail dress and matching patent leather pumps.

“May I suggest this outfit for dinner this evening? Everything in the closet is in the sizes Miss Rhodes gave to us prior to your stay”
“Thank you Anton, its perfect”, I smiled.

“Good, and may I also remind you of the importance of the utmost discretion about your real reason for being here when speaking to Miss Naomi. She must not know of her fathers… sexual proclivities.”
“Of course, I am here purely in my role as a financial mergers consultant from Rhodes International, and nothing else”, I gave a coy, business like smile

“Perfect. I shall leave you to enjoy the rest of the afternoon Miss Silver”, and with that he left the room.

I walked in to the bathroom and began to run a bath. Then at the bar I fixed myself a good sized Gin and Tonic, before returning to the bathroom as the tub filled.

I let the robe drop to the floor and stood in front of the full length mirror gazing at myself. My body still glistened from the oil Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis had poured over me earlier and I had red marks on my tits and ass from being groped roughly. My make up had run and my big round tits had the telltale trails of dried cum on them.

I looked a bit of a state. I turned off the taps and checked the water while wondering what things Anton had seen while working for someone like Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis Williams. The fact that none of the sexual antics he had witnessed since I stepped into his limo on friday night had fazed him in anyway made me think he had probably seen some pretty filthy things.

I slid slowly into the tub, already feeling better. Few things are quite as good as an ice cold G&T in a very hot bath. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what the young Miss Naomi William’s was going to be like.


Shortly before seven, dressed in the simple but perfectly fitted black cocktail dress and matching pumps, I walked downstairs for dinner. I was met at the bottom of the stairs by Anton. He looked me over and gave a smile to indicate his approval.
“Miss Silver, Mr Williams has asked for dinner to be served on the patio as its such a pleasant evening”.
“Perfect”, I replied and followed him through the house and out into the garden.

Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis stood up as I approached the table, “Miss Silver, you look enchanting”.
“Thank you, Mr Williams”, I said sitting in the chair that Anton had slid quietly from under the table for me.
“I trust you had a restful afternoon? I hope we haven’t worked you too hard this weekend?”, Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis gave a conspiratorial smile.

I was just about to reply when a young and beautiful blonde stepped out of the house and joined us on the patio. She wore well fitted white pants, a cropped white halter top and white leather heels, with long straps that wound around her perfect ankles. She walked straight up to me with the confidence of a girl who knows she is beautiful and also knows that she will never need for anything.

“Hi, Miss Silver? I am Naomi”, she smiled, her soft green eyes sparkling.
“Hi, a pleasure, your father has told me all about you”, I lied.

Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis had told me nothing of his daughter, but now I understood the role I had been playing in his sexual fantasies, I understood why he wanted me to call him ‘daddy’.

Not only was Naomi incredibly attractive for her age but she bore a startling similarity to me. Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis had hired me because he wanted to fuck his daughter, and if he couldn’t have her he needed to find someone on whom he could take out all his filthy, pent up sexual fantasies. The thought filled me with a hot flash of lust and I felt my nipples stiffen.

I turned to Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis, “Mr Williams your daughter is even more attractive than you led me to believe”, now it was my turn for a conspiratorial smile.

Naomi smiled warmly as Anton pulled her seat out for her.
“Thank you Anton, so nice to see you again”, said Naomi
“You too miss”, Anton said as he took a bottle from an ice bucket and began to fill our glasses.

The evening passed wonderfully. Considering Naomi was only 17 she was great company, charming and witty. Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis practically glowed with pride in his daughter.

She asked me some very considered questions about my line of work and listened attentively as I talked about my work for Rhodes International. Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis added some points about my ability within the company. We acted out the part of business associates perfectly, never letting on that for the last two days I had been his personal fuck toy.

After a lovely meal we sat with our drinks around the small, intimate table, enjoying the scent of the warm garden evening. Naomi was talking about her recent trip to visit her mother in Paris. Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis and his wife had divorced a few years back, but there seemed to be no animosity on his part.

As Naomi told us of the wonderful places she had been in the French capital I felt the soft touch of a foot against my leg under the table. I subtly glanced toward Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis, who was listening to his daughter talk with a gentle smile on his face. The touch of the foot moved up my leg slowly, its guarded contact was sensitive and sent a tingle up my body. It was a touch that reminded me that I was there solely for the use of this powerful man, and as soon as he could get me out of sight of his daughter I would be the subject of his aggresive desires once more.

Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis excused himself for a moment, put his napkin down and left the table to go inside and to my shock the delicate touch of the foot was still there. It grazed up my ankle again as I looked across the table to his young daughter, her soft green eyes bright with excitement. Naomi was flirting with me!

“Sorry Couple Seeking a Unicorn Chloe, I couldn’t resist… you’re so yummy”, whispered Naomi, her eyes glancing down at my boobs.
“Naomi, we shouldn’t do this, I’m here as your fathers guest and I’m here to work”, I tried to sound stern and professional.
“Oh Couple Seeking a Unicorn Chloe its obvious my father has brought you here because he has the hots for you”, she giggled.
“You don’t know the half of it!” I thought to myself as Naomi looked up to see Anton walking out to the garden with a tray of coffees.

Her eyes gave a quick glimmer of something flirtatious, but then she had had a couple of glasses of wine.

Anton put the coffees in front of us in silence and then left us alone again. I felt Naomi’s naked foot run up my leg once more and I gave her a quick glare just as her father returned. Her foot shot away to avoid detection and she smiled up at her father as he took his seat.

“Ah, coffee, excellent. How are we ladies, have you eaten enough?”, Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis asked.
“Yes, thank you Mr Williams it was lovely”, I replied.
“Daddy?”, asked Naomi,”..may I be excused, I’m really quite tired and I think its time I went to bed”

“Of course darling”, he said standing and receiving a big hug from his daughter. I couldn’t help but glance over Naomi’s young figure, especially her perfect apple of an ass. As I did, she turned, catching me in the act. She grinned,
“Goodnight Miss Silver, its been a real pleasure meeting you. I hope I get to see you tomorrow if Daddy hasn’t got too much planned for you in the morning?”.
Never mind the morning, I was pretty sure Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis had some pretty filthy plans for me tonight!

‘Thank you Naomi, I’m sure I will see you tomorrow before we leave, its been lovely to meet you”, my panties were damp from the girls teasing touch as well as the thought of what he father may have planned once she was gone.

Naomi walked back in to the house her blonde hair bouncing and her pert little ass swaying. I looked back at Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis and caught the expression on his face, distracted and obviously struggling with a deep, taboo lust for his sexy teenaged daughter.

He looked towards me his face slightly flushed with wine and maybe lust.
“Couple Seeking a Unicorn Chloe, I would like nothing more than to bend you over this table right now and push my hard cock deep into your tight, hot ass. I’d like to fuck you hard, take you like a cheap, street walking piece of fuckmeat, I’d like to empty myself into your hot insides, pumping every last drop up inside you then make you suck me until I was hard again”, he said in a low but stern whisper. My heart began to beat harder. He continued,

“.. but this will not be possible tonight as I can not risk my daughter catching us or even overhearing us in the night. We must continue the charade of you being my business associate until I take you back to the city in my limo tomorrow. I will tell you now my little fucktoy I will use our time together in the car to enjoy you to the full”.

My heart raced and my little cunny pulsed in my moist panties, the thought of that drive home excited me. What aroused me most was not just the hard, filthy fucking I would be getting from Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis, but the fact that the whole thing would be seen by Anton as he drove the limo.

“But for now I must say goodnight Miss Silver”, he said standing, taking my hand, kissing it and then returning indoors. I stood on the patio in the warm night my body tingling with desire and arousal. For a moment I thought about searching for wherever Emilio and Dano might have there quarters, but this was being silly. I decided to go up to my room and take my pent up lust out on a well soaped up shampoo bottle while I had a hot shower.

I got up and walked in side as Anton come out to clear the table.

“Good night Anton”, I said wishing I could tempt him back to my room and find out what he had hidden down those neat trousers of his.
“Good night Miss Silver, is there anything you need before you retire for the evening?”, Anton replied.

I thought about saying “yes I require a good hard seeing to!”, but I knew it would be wasted on the stoney Anton.
“No, I’m fine thank you, I will see you in the morning Anton”
“Of course Miss Silver, sleep well”

With that I walked up to my room. Within a few minutes I was in the shower, under the hard jet of water, running my hands over my soapy body. I pulled on my nipples and leant back against the wall. Taking a bottle of conditioner I poured the silky liquid over my wet tits and began to sensually rub it in. Oh god my tits felt so good and my tight little hole practically begged for some attention. I covered my hand in more conditioner and began to work it over my pussy, my clitty already hard and tingling.

I practically emptied the bottle over me and began to squirm and writhe in the steam filled cubicle. My whole body was shiny and lubricated and felt amazingly hot.

I grabbed the cylindrical bottle with its large rounded top and began to rub it against my pussy lips. You have to love the designers of women’s toiletries, they know what we use them for when we need to, they are always perfectly shaped. I’ve been known to relieve myself in the bathroom of a long haul flight with my roll on deodorant bottle more than a few times.

The slimy make shift dildo was soon stretching me open and I began to thrust it in and out lustily while strumming on my clit with my other hand. I let out a deep moan as a desperately needed climax shot through me. I shuddered, swearing with a long gasp as I eased the plastic bottle as deep as I could get it.
“Oh yes fuck FUCK YES YESSSS!”

I leant against the wall and recovered for a few moments before stepping under the shower jet and washing my still tingling body clean of the slimy liquid.

Fuck that felt good. I was very ready for a good nights sleep. I got out and dried myself off before going through my usual bed time process of flossing and brushing and finally slipping my soft, naked body between the silky sheets of the bed.

I had turned the lights off an began to drift off when I heard a noise outside on the balcony. A click came from the french window that led out on to the balcony, as the door into my room gently opened. So, Mr Williams’ lust must of got the better of him, no matter what he had said earlier he couldn’t keep away. I smiled to myself and lifted myself up onto my elbows and clicked on the bedside lamp.

As the lights came up my night time visitor was revealed, it wasn’t Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis at all but Naomi.. the naughty little minx!

She stood at the end of my bed in her underwear: a tiny white thong and a cropped t shirt, which hung sexily from her pert tits and their rigid nipples.

“Naomi! What are you doing? You can’t…”, I tried to protest but she simply crawled onto the end of the bed and moved her way up to where I lay, her hand moving to my face and her soft young lips finding mine and she kissed me silent. Her tongue nudged its way into my mouth and I couldn’t resist, I opened my mouth and let my tongue meet hers. Her young body pushing me back onto the bed as she continued to kiss me.

I gave up trying to fight it and let my carnal desire get the better of my good sense, and we kissed passionately. I slid her top over her head and began to kiss her incredible teen tits, so round and firm, jutting towards me erotically. I sucked one of her bullet hard nipples into my mouth, running my tongue around it until she let out a little gasp. I rolled her onto her back and moved down her body, easing her panties over her hips as I went.

My mouth moved onto her fresh young little cunt and I ran my tongue over her neat labia searching for her clit. I found it easily, the swollen bud felt hard and neat, I lapped greedily and Naomi arched her back and let out a long, loud moan.

I suddenly thought that her father might hear us if she carried on like that. I moved up in to a straddled position over her, taking her little t-shirt and tying it around her head, so it was tight in her mouth, gagging her.

Naomi’s eyes were wide with a mix of shock and lust. I doubt she’d ever had anyone treat her like this. I smiled down at her young taught body and pinched one of her nipples hard, she light out a muffled moan. The gag was working fine so I went back to eating her out.

As I lapped and licked and sucked on her lips and little swollen bud, I felt her long, lithe legs wrap around my back and she pushed her pussy up to my mouth, grinding against my wet lips and moaning through the gag. I licked and sucked harder and her moans increased, her body almost thrashing on the bed. I knew the little tart was close.

I cradled her pert round ass in my hands and edged a finger tip into her tight butthole. She came hard so I pushed the finger deeper until she was practically screaming into the bunched up t-shirt in her mouth. Her pussy juices washed over my lips and cheeks and I sucked noisily on her.

After a while I stopped and let her relax in her post orgasm glow. I undid the gag and kissed her, knowing she could taste her own pussy juices on my warm lips.

“Mmm Couple Seeking a Unicorn Chloe you’re so fucking sexy”, she purred and I felt her slender hand glide down my belly and start gently playing with my wet cunt. Oh fuck I was ready for this. I lay back and she kissed my neck while easing two fingers in and out of my slick hole. This little Lolita was doing a damn fine job of finger fucking me.

I began to move my hips with the probing of her fingers. She put her mouth close to my ear,
“Couple Seeking a Unicorn Chloe you sexy thing, such a dirty girl letting me play with you like this. I bet you’re a real slut aren’t you? I bet you love big hard cocks you dirty British slut, go on tell me what a slut you are”

With this she eased in a third finger and built up the pace, my wet pussy making a filthy noise. I laid back raising my hips and moaned.
“Yes.. I’m a dirty slut… I’m such a dirty slut”, I said as she mashed my cunt and rubbed my clit.

“Tell me you want more, Couple Seeking a Unicorn Chloe, tell me you want to be filled like a dirty fuck pig”, she whispered in my ear, her tongue flicking gently over my lobe as she thrust three fingers in and out, her thumb nudging my cliffy. It felt incredible, I was under her spell..

“Yesss.. please I want more”, I arched my back my orgasm building, this teenaged girl working my body perfectly.

“What are you Couple Seeking a Unicorn Chloe?”
“Ughhnn, oh God I’m such a little fuck pig, please give me more!”

The addition of the fourth finger stretched me open and the pleasure made my mind spin. Where had she learnt this at such a young age? She was going to make me cum!

My body writhed and jerked on the bed as she kept finger fucking me harder and harder. Her mouth moved to my tits sucking my rigid nipple.

“I know you want it all don’t you? You love to be filled don’t you? I know you can take it because I know you’re a dirty slut who likes big cocks, aren’t you?”
“Yes I do I love big cocks .. please do it. Give me more, fill me, oh god please!!”, my voice sounded very loud and I suddenly felt aware that we could be heard.

Her four fingers hooked gently up inside me and pushed against my g-spot, her thumb pressed hard on my swollen bud, my whole pussy was pulsing and gripping.

“You dirty fucking whore Couple Seeking a Unicorn Chloe, I bet you want my whole fist don’t you? Is that what you want? A good hard fisting?”, Naomi panted loudly.


And with one firm push Naomi’s slender fist eased into me stretching me like a monstrous hard cock. Fireworks exploded in my mind and body. I shuddered as this seventeen yearold girl began to pound my pussy harder and harder. With a loud slurping noise escaping with each thrust, I let out an animal moan and swore loudly,

My knees came up involuntarily, opening my pussy wider as Naomi pistoned her fist back and forth calling me a ‘slut’ and ‘dirty little whore’.
She move her hand around deep inside me, her knuckles sending huge waves of pleasure through me. I could her myself grunting and moaning.

“You fucking slut Couple Seeking a Unicorn Chloe, TAKE IT ”

She pounded me harder and harder, my body bucking like I was being fucked by a wild animal. I shuddered and came hard, the walls of my cunt clinching her hand tightly as I came and came, my juices flooding over her wrist and my moans sounding guttural, almost bestial

She slowed gently to a halt, my body twitching as she pulled her hand out of me, her arm glossy with my juices practically up to her elbow. I lay there spent and Naomi curled up next to me.
“Mmm we are a naughty couple of girls aren’t we”, she grinned.

I could barely speak. She kissed my neck and entwined her slim young body around mine. This teenager was a total animal in the sack… it must run in the family! I lay there gathering my thoughts and enjoying the feel of her young body on mine when the door handle turned with a click.

I was suddenly jolted into total awareness of my situation, I realised how loud our combined moaning and fucking must have been. If this was Couple Seeking a Unicorn Curtis Williams at the door how would he handle finding his teenaged daughter and his personal whore naked in bed together?

The door swung open…

Couple Seeking a Unicorn – Home

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