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These are some rather unique pictures of Kim Kardashian. Not so much the positioning of her big old pillowy thumper in the position of prominence, but more so the gritty, comes as you are style rolling around in the dirt in System Magazine. This is rather un-Kardashian like. Except for the size of the bottom, that definitely runs in the family.

This is an adjunct to the photos from the same outlet we ran last week, a more detailed photographic look at Kim Kardashian in gold lingerie and a bare asstastic preening about an outdoor ditch area in the blonde hair that was her signature for about a month earlier this year. It’s all kind of odd. Which I suppose is the point. But definitely cushion prominent. I’m mostly confused. I’ll leave you to your own evaluations. Perhaps just lock the door. Enjoy.

I suppose these photos were taken when Kim Kardashian experimented being a blonde a few months back. Her platinum period. It was fairly short lived and had mixed reaction from people who look at hair a lot I suppose. I hardly noticed. My peeps tend to be drawn by the sheer force of gravity of her other parts bigger and rounder and inflated to max capacity.

In this rather mini or mini-pictorials for System magazine, Kim lays bare-butted in the dirt in some gold colored lingerie. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be symbolic or just the beginnings of a tractor diggers dream day on the job. But it’s working for me. I’m like Sam from Green Eggs and Ham. Only the Green Eggs and Ham are all the women in the world. I’m quite certain I will like them once I try them. Enjoy.

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