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last week i had to travel to bangalore ( i city in south India)
for some professional work.

my client had booked a comfortable hotel room for me, after the days hectic schedule i returned to hotel exhausted,
all i wanted to do was take a hot tub bath and relax.

i undressed quickly and went to bathroom , filled hot water
in the tub just a few inches from rim and dipped myself in.
few min in the tub and my body relaxed, and i took the hand
shower and started spraying the hot water on my shoulders,
head, arms and down to my thighs- and my balls, the sharp
water jets tickled my balls and my cock started showing
signs of liveliness , i continued to force the jets on the
tip and in few moments it was fully erect– in my fantasy, eyes closed and my free hand stroking the
dick-i imagined a teenage sexy girl giving me a blow job
–i must have stroked the cock full 10 min or so and then ejaculated
— at that same moment i heard some muffed sounds like ahhhh–
ooooh i searched for the source and found that the bathroom door
was ajar , and a girl wearing short skirt and tight blouse
observing my movements

i pretended as if i had not noticed her– and slowly got up
from the tub- with my back to the door– stepped out and moved
backward stretched out my arm to pick up the towel from the
side rack– and stood such that the viewer would have only
partial view of my bare back–a few moments in silence–
and made a real quick move to pull open the door–

the girl almost stumbled in the bath room– i caught her
in my arms and held her on her feet–her eyes wide with guilt
and shock of being caught viewing secretly–

i looked at her smiling– a bit— she turned her eyes down to bath floor—her blouse buttons
half open and one of her hand under her skirt–she had forgotten
to remove it–

i put my hand on both her shoulders and pushed her down on
her knees– and before she knew what was happening my pulled
her head towards my hard cock– it touched her lips and she readily opened her mouth and
took it in—then i let her go on her own— my desire clear
to her

she sucked and sucked hard — till i unloaded my second cum–
deep in her throat.

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