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As I paid for the tickets to the movie, I watched you in the
reflection of the box office glass. Meandering around,
hips always swaying; you seemed a very conservative woman
taking in a movie. Little did anyone know the truth beneath
the facade.

I took your arm in mine, and we walked into the theater, your
hip brushing against mine, your breast crushed against
my arm. It was innocent contact, but enough to raise my pulse
a few quick beats. Memories flashed across my mind – breasts
being sucked furiously, hands digging into the flesh of
your hips, pulling myself deep into you…

As you made a comment about a movie poster, I brought my attention
back to you in the present, but the memory remained in my
stiffening body. We walked into the dark theater, and by
now I was lusting heavily for you, and I could only hope the
theater would be empty.

I lead you up the steps, past the few patrons sitting in the
middle of the theater. Up to the top, back row, center seats
was my target. I let you into the row first, and as you move
past me, I slid my hands around your waist and pushed against
you, letting you feel my flaming hard cock through my pants.
Your head whipped around as you flashed a knowing grin,
which turned into surprise as my hands slid under your breasts,
pinching your nipples through your blouse, roughly but
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I put my mouth to your ear and hoarsely whispered “I want
you now!” I heard the feint moan start to escape your lips,
but swallowed back. I smiled, thinking “yes…you’re
good at swallowing”. Everything with you seemed to turn

You pushed your hips back against me, grinding me furiously
as if to rip the denim open and expose myself to you. “Let’s
sit and watch the movie now” you teased.

We sat down and the movie began. Our hands danced lightly
on each other’s laps, but we were caught up with the action
on the screen. My erection had subsided until the couple
on the screen began to tear each other cloths off. I felt
myself rise from zero to 60, and I dragged my claws up your
thigh, pulling fabric upward, exposing the flesh of your
thigh. I felt your hips rise, and you shifted forward in
your seat.

Click here for more!I was gone, past the point of formalities. I slid my hand
up your thigh, pulling your leg open and towards me. Finding
the fabric of your panties, I began to rub your pussy. I could
feel the heat and wetness, and I realized your eyes were
closed and your head tilted back. As your panties became
drenched, I could smell your sex, and my lust became uncontrollable.
My fingers began exploring you, your lips parted easily
as I thrust my fingers into you and upwards, cupping and
rubbing the top inside walls of your pussy. I was engorged,
and the pressure only built as your hand found my cock through
my pants, squeezing and stroking, seeking the outline
of my head through course jeans. Frustrated, you began
fumbling for the zipper, pulling at the buttons, wanting
to get inside.

The sex scene on the screen was lost to us, as what was happening
at the back of the theater was so much more erotic. As I fucked
you with my fingers, my thumb lightly played with your clit.
I could feel it swell, and you pushed hard against my hand,
sliding further down your seat.

You finally managed to spring my cock, and began rubbing
the pre-cum that had pooled around my head. You sigh was
loud, so loud we both stopped to see if someone had heard.
But we were being drowned out by the scene on the screen –
bad Hollywood erotica.

You lifted the arm of the chair, bent over and took me in your
mouth. It was my turn to close my eyes and tit my head back
as you sucked and stroked my cock. The heat from your mouth
felt amazing, as my cock was lost beneath your hair. Your
tongue darted around in swirls, and your hand dug deeper
into my pants, cupping and gently squeezing my smooth,
shaved sack.

I could feel your juices flowing uncontrollably down my
fingers. Such a waste! I pulled you off my cock, knelt in
front of you, and furiously began sucking on your mound,
fucking you with my fingers as my mouth vacuumed in your
clit – licking, nibbling, and stroking your button with
my tongue. I sensed your hands clench deeply into the fabric
of the chair. Roughly I pushed your legs open and began sucking
and licking your inner thigh as my hands continued their
task in your pussy. I could feel you nearing climax, and
I stoked you with the rhythm of your body. Your breathing
quickened, your hips pushing quicker against my mouth…
you were in the throes of cumming. I stopped, and before
you could protest I sat in my chair, and pulled you on top
of me.

“Guide my cock into you!” I whispered, though too loudly
I thought. You reached between your legs, grabbed my cock
and sat back on me, guiding it past your lips. You hesitated
for a brief moment; you loved the feeling of my head entering
you and your pussy forming around me.

“Don’t move…let me do the work so it looks normal”
I said. You held yourself up by leaning on the arms of the
chair, and below you I drive upwards, in and out of you, fucking
you furiously. I was sweating, perspiration running down
my chest under my shirt. The juice from your pussy flowed
down my cock, and if not for the loudness on the screen, surely
the other patrons would have heard the wet, sucking sound
of my cock driving in and out of your pussy.

I felt your body closing in on orgasm, and I quickened my
pace, pulling myself up into you, reaching around and rubbing
your clit as my cock plowed in and out. Your body stiffened,
and as the first uncontrollable moan left your lips, I put
my hand over your mouth. You bit down into the flesh of my
hand as you came, shuddering, your legs and arms shaking.
As you came, you began to lick your own juices off my fingers
hungrily; all pretext of “proper” had disappeared
long ago. We wanted what we wanted without fear of judgment.

You slid down on my cock one last time, spent, falling back
against me. I could feel the dampness of your hair, wet with
perspiration. I felt upwards for your nipples, wanting
them between my fingers. My turn would have to wait, but
for now…


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