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Vitual dating has become the latest internet sensation.
Many of the dating sites such as OKCupid., POF, Friend finder
networks, Badoo, SKOUT etc etc offer various range of free
and premium services. The question right now is, people have fun…without actually
meeting them in real..But how reliable these friendships
are and how long are they going to last.How ever people need
to be real careful about fake profile. Almost 70% out there
are fake profiles either boys posing as girls or some other
posing as someother, Wrong pictures or no pictures. It
is evident that there are many sex starving dicks out there,
who keeps on spamming the inboxes of the nice ladies and
the lady in most of the cases donot respond back . Also, There is allways the attitude shown by girls who think
they are way above the other people and donot respond. On
an average, only 1 out of every 1000 girls do respond back
in case a guy initiates the conversation and yeah…the
pretty ladies except you to start a conversation . Most
of the guys have empty inboxes while a lady without a display
pic has full of mail in her inbox. Trust is another issue. In the virtual world, finding trust
is real difficult. It can be found by engaging in a healthy
conversation and by trying to find shared intersts and
relating to one another. Build the relationship slowly..
After some time , it will take its own pace.

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