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For those guys out there that are struggling with how to
please your ladies, thought I’d offer up a little something.

My preference is to always start with some sort of massage,
can be as simple as working some lotion into the legs and
feet after a shower. Just some full contact type of recognizing
the beauty of the female form and desire to create pleasure
for my partner.

But the real point of this article is the straight to the
point method of your partner’s orgasm being first.

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Your tongue and her clit are a perfect match, but not the
entire equation to the stairway to heaven. I like to come
in from the side with my tongue and have a comfortable angle
for a hand to work some other magic. You need to work the area
around the pussy and the clit to stimulate blood flow and
then with a couple fingers work your way in and find the g-spot
after she is already on the orgasm cliff.

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From that point you can help her through wave after wave
of gentle and intense orgasms. When that passionate and
wonderful woman has experienced several waves and seems
content, it is time to ride. Both you and her will experience
a passionate wave of intensity that will only have you smiling
in the wake of pleasure.

Hope a some find this useful. Look forward to your comments.

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