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Seeking a male who cums very easily, or preferably………

I am hoping to find someone who would love the chance to cum
inside my wife. Hopefully this would occur many, many times
and last at least several months, possibly years.

The concept we are going for is a kind of a real life role play.

She is very shy. Painfully so. She has desires, but in order
for this to be a success, we have had to, and have, given lots
of thought to how this would be most comfortable for her.
I come up with tons of fantasies. The ones she likes, stick.
We use them very regularly during sex.

Usually they are situations that involve pretending of
some sort. Pretending to be asleep, or pretending to be
drunk, or pretending to be passed out, or pretending to
be drugged, or pretending not to know what is happening.
Plausible deniability is what is comes down to.

In this situation, she would have given me a green light
for the evening. This means she said something like, “So
tonight………….Anything you want.” I say, “Anything?” She say’s, “ANYTHING. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ..
. …”


A little while later I call you, outside of earshot from
her. I ask if tonight is good for you. You say definitely.
After talking for a few minutes, and a bit shocked that this
seems like it is actually going to happen, we talk about
some logistics and how it will work.

Then, and like we talked about previously, I go into the
room she is in. I tell her that I have someone picked out to
share her with. She can’t tell if she should believe
me. I tell her that they are on the phone and they just want
to hear from her that she is okay with what might happen.

she says, “I don’t believe you, at all. But I can
say what I would say if I did believe you.” I say that is fine. I hand her the phone and she looks at it
and can see there is a call in progress, but this means little
to her. I have tricked her this way in the past, several times.
She places the phone to hear ear and says, “Are you
there? Is Anyone there? ” She says this half kidding and, as expected, there is no
answer. She says, “Okay, how about this: if you are there,
tap the phone. . .. . . twice…………..” The phone taps twice. Kind of shocked, she looks at me and says, “Is there
really someone on the phone?” I say that there is. She still just can’t bring herself to believe me. She
tells me she doesn’t buy it but will play along.

She say’s, “Okay. What should I say?” I tell her that she should say what she would say if she DID
believe I had found someone and they were on the phone right
now. She things for minute and says, “Sure. I can do
that. But I still don’t believe you.” I say that is fine but she still should only say what she would
say if she did believe me. She says, “Okay.”

She brings the phone to her ear and mouth and say’s,
“Okay. I don’t believe there is anyone on the
other end of this phone. But IF there was, this is what I would
say………I know my husband has been looking for another
guy to………….well……. to invite over or…………….basically,
I gave him permission to find someone he thinks I would like
and…….Okay, I told him that he can do whatever he would
like with me tonight. Because the idea of something happening
that is very kinky, like involving someone else, I kind
of find a big turn on right now. So yeah, this is how I am giving
my permission that I am alright with anything he says is
alright. But only what he says is alright because he knows
what I would like and what I wouldn’t.”

She hands me back the phone. And says, “That is exactly
how I feel and what I would say if there was really someone
on the phone right now.” And I say, “And if I tell you there really is?”
She says, “Then this would be quite the night. But
I don’t believe you.”

I go off out of earshot again. You and I talk about what just
happened. I am pre-cuming at the idea. We set up a time to meet outside out house later that night
and things like that.

You and I have worked out lots of signals to indicate if things
are going well, ways I can let you know she is comfortable,
movements that mean “lets stop here for tonight”
etc, and we are both on the same page with what is okay, and
what is not.

She would be blindfolded, at least for the first few times.
I would convince her into this, by telling her I think it
would be kinky to massage her while she was blindfolded
and to keep the blindfold on for the whole evening.

She loves massage and would instantly say she thought it
was a great idea.

That night, when we are ready, she and I go to the bedroom.
I blindfold her and start giving her the massage she so greatly
desires. Halfway through the massage I tell her I need to
get the lotion for her back. When I leave, I get the lotion,
but I also get you and have you follow me into the bedroom.
We do this as stealthily as possible. You are able to see
the massage from a good vantage point.

You watch me massage her back and shoulders. I move to her
thighs. I spread her legs slightly so you have a better view.
You can see her soft pubic hair. Next I massage her ass checks.
I spread them occasionally so you can see her little asshole.
Then maybe I lick it a few times. I ask her if she is ready for sex. She says, “No. I thought
we were going to do something really kinky.” I tell her I’m going to be sharing her. She doesn’t
believe me. I say, “How about this. I promise that
tonight we will do something very, very kinky.” She say’s, “But not sharing me. . .. . .. . .. . ..
. ..” I say, “Would you really want that? Your sure.”
“The idea is making me wet. Yes, I want it. But I know
it isn’t going to happen.” “Do you want someone else inside you?” “Yes, I told you that.” “Then let me have my way with you, I told you it would
be very kinky.”

She says okay. I start to touch her pussy and find she is very
wet. I slide a finger inside her. I whisper to her, “I
want to see someone slide inside you.” ” I want it, I want it tonight.” I lift her by her hips into doggie style. I slide into her.
I start slowly sliding in and out. I motion to you to quietly
kneel on the bed. You have already taken your clothes off.

I tell her that if she is good, this will be the most kinky
night she has ever had. She immediately says okay. I say, “If there was someone here, right now, what
would you want?” She says, “I would want them inside me. . .. . .. . ..Please,
can’t you call someone?”

I remind her she promised to be good. I tell her I want to try
something. I say, “I want you to picture that there
is someone else here, in the room.” She says okay. I tell her to let me know when she can picture
it. She is quiet for a few minutes. Then she say, “I can picture it.” I tell her that
is good. She says, ” I would want them inside me NOW. I want you
to let someone have be inside me, have sex with me.”

I hush her and tell her I am going to guide this. I tell her
that I want her to picture that they are near her, and I want
her to picture them placing their fingers on her back, near
her neck, and sliding their fingers down her back. She says
she can.

I stop her, I say, “Not yet.” I will tell you when.
She says okay. Both of my hands are on her hips helping her
move slowly on my penis. I ask her if she is ready. She says
yes. I tell her to start to picture his hand on her. I motion
to you.

I lift one of my hands from her hip. Gently, softly, you place
your fingers on her back and trace downwards. She gasps.
She says it feels real. I tell her she is doing wonderfully.
You remove your fingers and I place my hand back on her hip.
She says, “I want it to be real.” I hush her again.
I tell her to pretend again.

I lift my hand. You place your fingers on her again. This
time you don’t stop as quickly. You use more of your
hand, not just the tips of your fingers. You trace for minute
or so. Maybe even with the contact of your palm. You bring
your hand down to her hip. Mimicking where mine was. After
a minute you lift you hand. I wait s few seconds and then hold
her hip again.

This continues in this way for some time. Touching her back,
reaching around and touching her thigh, her ass cheek,
her neck.

Finally I ask her if she would like to feel what it would be
like to have someone else inside her. She say’s, “My body is begging for it. Please
let’s not be done. Can’t you call someone? I need
this now.” I say, “Shhh, quiet, let me guide you.” I tell her I want her to picture him behind her. I ask her if
she can do that. She say she will try. I tell her that I will
tell her when to picture him sliding inside her. She tells
me my words are going to make her cum soon. I tell her she isn’t
allowed to cum yet.

She says she wants to picture it now. I tell her she needs
to wait if she wants this to work. I begin to kiss her back
and work downwards. I slide out of her pussy and continue
massaging and kissing her lower back. As I do this, I move
as quietly as possible, off to one side. I use one hand and
touch her pussy. I let a finger slide into her for a few moments.
I ask her if she likes the way this feels. She say’s yes.
I ask her if this is something she would really want. She
tells me the idea is going to make her cum.

As I am massaging, and kissing, and talking, you have positioned
yourself directly behind her, where I was a few minutes
ago. I keep my hands on her back. I ask her if she is ready to
feel what I would be like, what it would be like to have another
penis inside her. She says she can’t wait anymore.

I slide my hands back onto her hips. I tell her I want her to
start to picture that his penis is about to enter her. I tell
her I want her to tell me when she can picture it almost touching
her pussy. She tells me she can. You hold your dick very near

I tell her I want her to picture the moment his head makes
contact with her pussy lips. Just imagine him almost there.
Are you ready to feel it? She begs, “Please.”

I nod to you, and you let the tip of your dick touch her wet
lips. I ask her if she can picture it. She says, “So

I tell her that I want to picture, in as much detail as possible,
what she desires right now. She says, ” I want him inside
me, before I cum.” Picture him slowly moving you.

Very slowly I move her hips. The head of your dick parts her
lips. Your tip slides just past her lips, and finds the entrance
of her hole. She say’s, “aaaaaaa. . .. . .. I can
feel it. I can picture it.” I ask if she likes it.

She days she doesn’t want to stop. I move her lips a little
more. She says she need more, that she needs to cum. I tell
her, good. I tell her she feels so good, he might cum too.
She says, “Yes, please. But don’t have him to
pull out. I want to feel it inside me. It will make me cum so

I tell her to picture how much she would like him to do that.
She says she is. She says she wants it, needs it, and she needs
it now.

38446_250x250I motion to you again. I lift one of my hands briefly from
her hip. You immediately use your fingers on the small of
her back and rub for a second before sliding your hand to
where mine just was. I ask her if she can picture it. As I say
this I remove my other hand and you trace her back again before
bringing that hand down to her hip. I ask her if she wants
him to pull her hips so he slides deep inside her. She says

She says she is going to cum. I tell her not yet. I tell her
to picture it some more. She says she is so close. You signal
to me. I ask her what she wants him to do. She says, “Inside
me. I want to fee him cum inside me. Please don’t let
him stop until he does.”

You erupt. You pulsate strongly. You feel it shooting inside
her. She presses back against you to pull you as deep as possible.
She inhales as she feels cum filling her. She can’t

Giving her (and you) a few seconds, all I can picture is that
you just squirted inside her. I ask her to stay while I clean
her up. You slide out of her and off to the side. I move behind
her. I tell her I need to be inside her a little longer. I slide
back inside her. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . …but we are not
done yet

Years ago she gave me permission to seek out the right guy
for this. Many times I thought I had found him. But things
would always fall through for one reason or another.

We fantasy about this less often now, not because of lack
of desire, but because it just isn’t as fun to fantasize
about something that has started to feel like it will never

Years ago she gave me permission to seek out the right guy
for this. Many times I thought I had found him. But things
would always fall through for one reason or another.

We fantasy about this less often now, not because of lack
of desire, but because it just isn’t as fun to fantasize
about something that has started to feel like it will never

If this is your ideal situation, let me know.

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