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I might sound a little judgemental on this one today so be

I noticed a ladies status that read seeking quality over quantity.

Good status as that is me as well. I skimmed further down the profile page and then had to laugh at the irony of that statement when I saw she had 16 different testimonials from 16 different men.

Am I the only one thinking that it is not quality she is seeking but quantity of having that many lovers or play partners?

None of my business of course but found it quite odd like she was advertising that indeed she would screw anything on two legs.

There goes the Quality part right through the window.

For me it would be the same as being a two bit hooker having that many Tom,Dick or Harry’s .

I would worry about STD’S as well even when playing safe and using a condom.
When giving blow jobs you normally do not suck on a condom.

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