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Semen is jam-packed full of protein which, when
applied to the face, has the same anti-wrinkle properties
as moisturizing creams. It tightens your skin while nourishing
it with zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and fructose…
wow, it sounds like the kind of expensive ingredients you
shell out lots of money for doesn’t it?

I don’t see any ladies lining up?

How cum?

Heather Locklear has cum out in favor of using semen as a
facial cream and porn star Katie Morgan talked about how
it was good for the skin on HBO.

We all know guys love to blow their loads in women’s’
faces, but are women ever turned on by this? Especially,
if they get the money shot right in the eye. My guess is probably
not, but research shows perhaps they should reconsider.
Semen has anti-aging benefits. Ladies how about it? Beg
for that load, let him shoot it all over your face, and then
rub all that cum into your skin. I’ve even conducted
some personal research. Psss, “I’ll tell you
a secret, don’t tell, sometimes after I masturbate,
I’ll take all the leftover discharge, and rub it on
the sunspots under my eyes. I have noticed they have become
less noticeable in the few months I have been doing this.

Every lady should find a man and suck his dick like he has
the antidote…the antidote for aging.

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