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photo-ffadult-r20-s2-391592845_15938_103725888_756_squareFirst things first…You men just don’t get it do you?…WOMEN ONLY means just that!!….I’m NOT interested in men period!!!

I DON’T do 3somes with a guy involved ever!!!!

I adore nice tits and asses of any sizes but my main LOVE is pussy, makes no different to me if you’re Thin or a bbw a pussy is always nice in my eyes….Pussy is my recreational drug and I’m addicted!…also for those that like penetration I have a strap-on, and I can use it well but I’m sure i’m tongue gifted enough to please a pussy to your satisfaction without using it

a woman that is sweet and down to earth ..someone that WANTS to be with me, not because her boyfriend or husband wants her to be….age and size is no factor…I love you all

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