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Find a Unicorn the easy way. You want to find a unicorn. It’s not easy to find a unicorn and you have been searching high and low all over the internet to find a unicorn.

Up until now you have been unable to find a unicorn. Why is it so hard to find a unicorn? Maybe we should go back and start at the beginning to find a unicorn.

Find a Unicorn – What is a Unicorn

The unicorn woman is a mythical creature that is so difficult to find. The full package of beauty, bisexuality, brains, class and a willingness to fulfill you and your partner’s sexual desires.

Find a unicorn is notoriously difficult but here you are looking to find a unicorn anyway.

Find a Unicorn
Find a Unicorn the easy way

Find a unicorn the good old-fashioned way you can go out to bars and clubs as a couple. In many ways a threesome can be had if you are lucky enough to strike gold with the perfect combination of guessing games, flirting, and just the right amount of alcohol to get into the mood. But this has to be one of the hardest ways to find a unicorn for a couple.

Its much easier to find a one by joining an adult dating site, there you will be able to create a couples account.

Friendfinder is the biggest find a unicorn site, but there will always be new players becoming popular as well that can make it just that little bit easier to find a unicorn.

Some of these sites are a unicorn heaven because you’ll find women who are actively looking to meet couples just like yourself.

You also get thee added bonus of being able to slowly look through pictures and profiles with your partner from the comfort of your own home. Looking together to find a unicorn can actually be a good form of foreplay.

Find a Unicorn – What sort of Unicorn?

First off, Lets decide what sort of Unicorn you are looking for. Couples who are interested and looking for unicorns and opening up their relationship to a third can depend greatly in their ideals and boundaries. I do hope you have both had a discussion about your boundaries or you could be heading for a very big let down.

Let us try and simplify your search first. We are going to divide these couples into two types of very basic categories for the sake of making things easy. The first couple who are seeking a unicorn to join them for a threesome and night of hot passion need to decide if its a one time or ongoing thing.

The second couple for this example are a couple who seek the unicorn for a polyamorous relationship. Every couple will have his and hers set of rules. There is also a third type of these couples who may even be seeking a unicorn who will give up on all the other  Adult dating sites outside the relationship and remaining only within the triad. A  very real and very rare unicorn indeed!

In both of the above examples the advice we believe to be best and most successful in dating, or even just while looking for a very quick hookups, your best bet is to get out there and expose yourself to as many potential unicorns as is possible to do so.

And while you may consider anyone to have “potential”, in this instance I recommend seeking out unicorns when and where they are actively searching for couples. Yes, this is a real possibility, not some over-the-rainbow wishful thinking! Otherwise, you will have a hard time identifying the jewel you seek.

On the subject of discussing boundaries with your partner, Having the discussion may not find you a unicorn but it is essential in order to pull off this threesome and make it a very successfully experience for all involved.

Do not skimp on having a very solid and deep conversation with your girlfriend or boyfriend about what your expectations are, your sexual limits, and what some of your emotional concerns may be before you both embarking on this journey and search together..

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