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photo-f-mainAs it turned out I was the highest scorer in my cbse exams of class 10 among that class, so very soon I started getting my response from teachers and friends including girls. A few of them struck me as they were very beautiful, and one of them was she. Even though I am writing this story with our mutual consent, let me not display her name, some things are better kept secret. She was a damn good looking girl, with a cute look, average height of 5.3 and a killing smile. A smile for which half the school will die for. She was among the most beautiful girls of the school. She had small boobs which were apt for her and a cute ass that jumped around when she walks. As the days passed by, we became more and more friendly. Frankly stating, we were like enemies. Whatever I say, she will be there to oppose me. That became a habit for both of us. Now if either one was not there, we started missing the company of each other. It was at the end of my class 11, that we both realized that we were in love with each other. But no one said a word. In schools, there is a very good group of people that we call as ‘friends’. Everyone knew that we two were in love but no one was proposing. I was not proposing because I was not sure of my reputation, as I was known as the ‘kishan kanhaiya’ in my previous school. According to my friends, the only friends that I had were girls, and as a matter of fact they were correct. I always liked the company of girls. And she was not proposing, because she was not sure if I was just flirting with her, or I was serious and the other reason being my family status. My family being one of the most powerful in the area, so she was not sure if I will accept her as my girlfriend as she was from a middle class family.

But, to be true, I loved her very much and wanted to be with her for my whole life. So, as I was mentioning, the friends chipped in. One day, we were playing truth and dare, and I was trapped with a dare. I was supposed to propose her and I did. And it went really bad. It was because I had never proposed a girl before. I was more used to be on the receiving side. But this time, the case was different. Even though, it was all for fun, I couldn’t do it. But the intentions were clear and the relationship had just taken a different turn. The school got over that day, I called her in the evening. It was a regular practice for us to chat long hours, and to be true, when we chatted the time flew like nothing. Einstein was very true about the relativity of time theory. She asked me if whatever happened today was true, I said ‘yes’. She said, u have to propose me again and now. It was kind of an awkward situation because my dad was beside me, and he does not encourage those stuffs. I said I can’t, but she was adamant. So, I took out a book and said….” PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 143″. She got the idea and said “I LOVE YOU” and I again repeated 143. That was all I could talk to her that day, as my dad wanted me to accompany him to some minister’s house. So, we said bye and the things ended for that day. Next day, when we met in school, our relationship was completely changed. There were smiles but no words in between us. And then I understood, why friends are friends, they understood what happened yesterday, and started shouting and congratulating us. We were a couple now. Normally, in my school, these news items spread like fire and as it was concerned with me, the spread was even faster. Now it was us and our friends, and both of us wanted the friends to go away so that we can have a private space, but that was not to be. So we were forced to break our innocence. As we were sitting on the same bench, we started touching each other’s hand in a way that it was not visible to others. We were pressing each other’s hand gently and just smiling. That was what we were about to do that whole year. We were not able to meet each other outside because of the fear of being spotted by our family and friends, so we had to be content with that only. But as we all know, being content to just doing that is not practically possible. One day, while we were talking, I said I wanted to kiss her and she said no problem, do whatever you want. But the problem was “where”. When we entered 12th, we planned and took all our tuitions in the same place. This is where all the mischiefs started. In school, we were content to only touches in hands but there in tuitions we were both different persons. Our tuitions use to start at 6 am in the morning, and we used to be there by 5 45.that 15 minutes was all ours and only us. Since it is a hill station, it used to be very cold and people used to wake up late. So no one will be there at that time and we had the liberty to do whatever we wanted to do. So, finally we kissed one fine morning, it was just a kiss to the cheeks. Initially she gave and then I followed. Then I asked I want to kiss your lips (My cock is already growing while writing these lines, remembering those days). She dint say anything. Without waiting for the response, I kissed her. I kissed her twice. Actually neither of us knew how to do lip kiss. It was the first time we both had kissed in our whole life. I have had relationships before but never did any of these things and she was new to this whole part called love and love making. After kissing, we dint say a word and it was time, so we had to stop. The next day, same time same place, we were again alone, and this time when we kissed, it was a total kiss, with my tongue in hers and hers in me. We kissed for 2-3 minutes. I still remember the taste of that kiss and will not forget it my whole life. Our hands started going inside each other’s clothes. It was a moment of passion and loves everywhere.

My hands went to her ass, I grabbed it and started squeezing it. The moment she felt that, she stopped and our lip lock broke. She was angry with me. She asked what I was doing, and I had no answers. So, I kissed her again. All the anger was visible in the kiss, which was more passionate than the previous one. There was no stopping, we kept on kissing with both our tongues exploring each and every part of each other’s mouth. From being amateurs a day before, we had become pros within a span of 24 hours. Now her hands were inside my shirt and mine was playing with her back. I reached her bra, and to my great luck, we heard some footsteps. Those were the other students attending the tuitions and everything stopped. But we were in no mood of stopping. So, we positioned ourselves inside the tuition room such that we were at least able to play with each other’s hands and legs. We started touching legs, moving from top to bottom. It was very sensual. For us it was not just casual touching of a boy and girl, but true love. So with every touch, the tension in the room started to grow. My cock was in no mood of going down. It was troubling me as I was wearing my jeans and it just wanted to break out. To add to the pressure, she started massaging my thighs and along with that she was also staring straight at me continuously. We used to stare at each other a lot, we loved being lost in each other’s eyes, but this stare was different. She started massaging me faster. I was not able to control. I started pulling her hands near my cock. Then she started messaging by cock from over the pants. Finally I asked her to stop, which I had to say her in writing else the others will know. Now, I started messaging her thighs and she started feeling the pressure now. I wanted to go further up towards her vaginal region, but she stopped me and requested me not to do. She wrote, “what will happen if I cum now?”…so I stopped as none of us wanted to take that risk of coming under suspicion. That night, when she called (we didn’t use to talk about our adventures in the school just to be on the safer side), all the other topics that we used to discuss before were left behind and a new area came into the picture. The only thing we talked was about the foreplay that we did in the tuitions. I told her that I want to touch her breast, press them and lick them and finally fuck her after eating her pussy. To which she replied “let’s see what can be done tomorrow”. She asked me that how I will do that if we were alone. This was the first time when we had phone sex. Since both of us had our own private rooms and personal mobiles, the privacy was not a problem. Within 20 mins of our foreplay, I saw my cock grow to 7 inches and then shoot the biggest load of cum that I had ever seen from my cock before. She had a very loud orgasm at the same time. And both of us were drained of energy. Then we exchanged some kisses over the phone & slept.

The next day, I went with a half pant to my tuitions. That day we both were late, she actually came 10 mins into the tuition. Everyone was asking me If I was a psycho to wear a half pant, but I knew it was not going to be cold for long. There was a cloth over our table that we used to cover our down area. She dint know that I was wearing shorts. She came and we started our regular touching of legs. It was when she kept her hands on my legs and thighs that she realized what I was up to that day. She smiled and within no time, her hands were over my cock which was already rock hard. She started feeling it fully over my pants and my jockey. She was able to put her hand inside my shorts and was fondling with my cock over my jockey. She was pressing it as hard as she can. At the same time, I was pressing her thighs as sensually as I could, But still she dint allow me to touch her pussy. I was a bit dissatisfied, but she was compensating that with her hand job over my jockey. I started realizing my precum. My jockey was slightly wet. When she got that wetness sensation, she smiled, touched it harder to make her hands wet. Then she pulled her hand out. I asked why just through eye movements. Then she did something that I dint expect her to do. She put that finger in her mouth, and started tasting my precum. She said it was salty and tasty. Again I wrote, “I want to be inside yours too”. This time she said yes with her eyes. Without wasting any time, I entered her pussy. She was wearing a skirt. So accessing her was easy. She parted her legs a bit and I finally reached the glory hole by just moving her panties aside. Her pussy was covered with little hair. I started pushing my inside. It was tight. I just moved my finger in and out for some 5 mins. I was in heaven. My hands were all wet now because of her pre shooting I guess and she was smiling. By that time, the tuition time was over. So we started readjusting ourselves. In the meantime, I took my hands out of her pussy and tasted her ejaculation. It was very tasty and salty. Then we had to pack up. By that day, she had touched my cock over my jockey and I had touched her pussy directly. I had not touched her breasts nor even seen them. That night, I told her to come early the next day and that I wanted to touch, feel and eat her breast. She said “ok”. Next morning we were there at our playground. I was in my shorts, she in skirt and a loose t-shirt. We went up the stairs, our normal playing corner and the first thing she did was that she lifted her shirt, moved her bras up and told me to touch her boobs. I was in seventh heaven. I grabbed her boobs. As I mentioned they were small but very cute with pinkish nipples. The smell was very sensual and was killing me. I started pressing them harder and in the mean time I was also kissing her in the lips. She stopped and said, byte that and showed me her boobs. And I did exactly so, I put my lips on her breast and started sucking them. I sucked it for 3-4 minutes. That was the most awesome thing that I had eaten till that day in my life. She started moaning, which I had to control by putting my finger in her mouth. She bit my finger hard, but the pain was nowhere in picture. It was pure pleasure for both of us. Then she said, I want to see your cock. She said that while touching my cock she was not sure what the size is and that she didn’t believe me that the size was 7 inches. I told her to go down and see herself to which she did. She pulled my shorts and jockey down in one time up to my knee and my cock jumped out. She was amazed to see my cock and said that she was afraid that what will happen if I put that inside her, to which I told “that we will see when I am in u”. I asked her to take my cock I her mouth, to which she said she won’t. I asked her why, she said “she was not sure what will happen if I cum in her mouth and that she might also get pregnant”. I told her that nothing will happen but she was not sure. She wanted to confirm before she does that. I was a bit upset and asked what next. She smiled and said “what about a hand job” and started moving my cock up and down. That was our first time but damn she was very good with that stuff. I asked her how was she so good, to which she replied that she had seen some porn videos. I was kissing her and touching and pressing her boobs in the same time. It was such a nice feeling. She started moving my shaft up and down, from my balls and within 5 mins,

I was up to my limit. I told her I am about to cum. She started moving my cock more rigorously and I cum. The first few shots went flying in the air and the rest was in her hand. She squeezed my cock for every last bit of my cum. Her hand was full with my fluids. She took her hand and massaged all my cum over her breast. It was so sexy. Then she pulled my pants up and guided my cock inside the pant. I told her that I want to eat her pussy. She said yes, but we ran out of time. So we stopped and she promised that tomorrow I will get that. We continued our play during the whole tuition. I was fingering her the whole time during the class and her love juices were flowing. From a single finger now I had three inside her now. I was not able to go further in, to which she told me to control and be happy with that for now. I understood what she meant. So I tried to be content. That day, we both were too aroused. In the school also, there was not sights of my cock going down which she noticed and she was also very horny. She was teasing me by moving her hands over her breast during her class hours. That made me horny like hell. I wrote in a chit and said “we are bunking the next hour”, after reading that she smiled and put that chit inside her breast region. I was my school captain, so I had access to all the labs with ease, and since I was also the topper, the teachers used to give the lab keys to me so that I can go and study there whenever I wanted to. Normally, all of my close friends (we had a group of 6) used to go, but that time only we two were bunking, so the place was all to us. Our teacher had also advised us to lock the doors from inside so that no one disturbs us while studying and also for security reasons. But today we were in a mood of studying only biology in physics lab and that too practically. So, without telling anyone, we bunked. We took the keys, went to the lab, closed the doors and then there was a moment of silence. We knew no one will be coming there for the next 40 mins. We looked at each other thinking practically nothing. She asked me to open my clothes, and I asked the same to her. We were staring at each other directly with passion and lust in our eyes. I said let’s do together. We both removed our sweaters and shoes. I opened my shirt and so did she. The uniform for girls in my school was a shirt and skirts along with the other accessories. I removed my tie but she dint. She was looking so sexy. I told her that I will fuck the shit out of her today. Then I removed my vest and she removed her bra. I won’t be able to explain how she was looking with just a tie. Just imagine guys. Then the pants were thrown and she opened her skirts. All this time we were staring at each other’s eyes. I am practically out of words to explain what was going in our minds. Now it was love going to be followed by love making. Then the final set of clothes i.e. our panties were down and we were completely nude and smiling at each other seeing each other’s body. We stopped for a moment and then the silence broke, she said, “I am all yours, do whatever you want”. But then she stopped. As I told, we were very cautious about sex. We didn’t have condoms, no prevention. She said what if I get pregnant. I asked her to believe in me and told her that I won’t cum inside her. She was not fully happy but said yes. She waited for a second and said “let’s take a chance, even if I am pregnant, it will be your baby only”. Then there was absolutely no stopping. We kissed each other in standing position with my tongue inside her mouth, my one hand fingering her pussy and the other hand pressing her boobs.

On the other hand, her one hand was feeling my back and the other one was playing with my shaft. We stayed in that position for 4-5 mins. I broke the lip lock and went down straight down to her pussy. She was a bit shocked. She said ‘wait‘. I said why? She moved her place and sat on the desk where we used to do experiments. She asked me to sit on the wooden stool which I did. Then she parted her legs and said, “Now eat”. I pulled her pussy towards me and started kissing her all over her pussy. I started teasing her by making circles over her pussy. She was annoyed and horny. She took hold of my face and pressed her over her pussy. I understood that is too much for her to bear. So I started tongue fucking her, she was moaning like hell in pleasure and was asking me to go further and further. I went in as far as I could. She said “fuck me baby”. I said my tool is not lubricated, it will hurt you more. She said, give that to me. I also climbed the table and in no time we were in a 69 position. She took my cock in her mouth for the first time. It was one of the nicest feeling a guy can have. She was licking the tip of my cock as if she will just cut and eat it now and in the meantime, I was busy eating her pussy. This continued for 5 mins. We just had around 20 mins before the bell will ring, so I said “let’s do it”. I stopped to look at her, there was both fear and excitement in her face. She said “please do it slowly”. I said to her “trust me”. We adjusted our position with her sitting in the side slabs. Optimum height for me to insert. She took my cock and guided into her pussy. Even I had no idea that how will that ‘big thing’ go inside that small hole. I inserted just the tip of my cock. It was very tight. I gave one more blow, it went in a bit further. She was in pain. Tears were about to roll. She asked me to stop. But i was so horny and was in no mood of stopping. But even I was not able to go further. So, I grasped my breast and gave a full blow, it broke her hymen and my cock went all in. She shouted like hell in pain. To calm her down I kept my cock in her pussy and started kissing her and squeezing her breasts. After some time the pain subsided and she was a bit relaxed. Then I started moving my cock to and fro in her pussy…she was making sounds that were driving me crazy. I started pounding her very hard. She was smiling, I asked what happened, she said “your face, I like the way your expression changes while you are fucking me “. That was enough of a boost for me. I kept on fucking her for the next 10 mins. I don’t know from where I got that much energy. Suddenly I felt her pussy walls becoming hard and she shivered and came. I kept my hand near her pussy, took her pussy juices in my hand. Tasted myself and then inserted the finger into her mouth which she gracefully tasted with a big smile. She was relieved. But I was still rock hard, I started pumping her again and in 2 mins I told her I was about to cum. I asked “where?” she said in my mouth. I was so happy to hear that. In the morning she told, she won’t and now she is ready. She gave a crooked smile and said “don’t worry darling, now it’s my turn”. I took the cock out of the vertical lips (vagina) and put in inside the horizontal one (mouth), she gave an awesome blow job again for a minute and in no time I came inside her mouth. That was a huge explosion. She drank all my love juices and was still sucking my cock for the last drop. Then again we kissed for a little and dint speak a word, we were just imagining what had just happened. But, we didn’t have time. The period was almost over, we quickly dressed up. I wanted to keep her panties but she told “we also have a class to attend, how can I do it without panties”.

And I agreed to it. We took some waste clothes from the store and cleaned whatever mess that we had made. During the whole love making session, she was wearing her tie which made me even hornier and hornier. Then we checked each other’s dresses. Pressed whatever we could have over the clothes. In the meantime the bell rang, so we took our books, locked the lab and started walking towards the class as if nothing had happened. It was only we who knew that we just had our first sex and that too inside the school campus. Just thinking of that was driving us crazy. But there was a small problem, she was not able to walk properly. Everyone in the class knew that we were dating and that we were absent for the last period. So, if she turns up in that way inside the class, they are bound to suspect us. She said “what shall we do now?”. And frankly speaking, even I had no idea. Then I told, “It’s just a matter of one more period, let’s go to my car”. I always kept my car inside the school compound only. So we went to my car, I asked my driver to go and wait near her house. He followed my orders and left the place and started walking to her house, it was about a km away. Now we were again alone in the car, with no one near us. But we didn’t do anything. We just sat there holding each other’s hands and looking at each other’s eyes and thinking of what just happened. We chatted for some time with our hands still fondling with each other’s private parts. The whole day was so eventful and lustful, my first experience and that too not with anyone else but with a girl whom I loved with all my heart. Finally, the school time was over, so I dropped her at her place, smiled and exchanged glances, my driver was standing there, picked him up and left. That night, the only thing that we both could talk with each other was about sex and that when we can do it again. We had lots of such intense love making sessions for the next few months which I would like to share next time. But the worst part is that, we are not together now. We had to break our relationship because of our family problems. We are still best friends and will remain like that for our whole life. Friendship has no bounds. We share everything and truly speaking after breaking up, it was so difficult for us to forget each other, that we have tried everything, even new boy and girl friends, but we cannot reach that level and intensity and chemistry that we had between us…but what to do that’s fate. I am presently at Coimbatore and she is in Delhi, both are single, doing our college. Sometimes we plan and meet on our way home but only as friends. Still there is not a single day that we don’t talk.


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