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Here at Adult Friend Finder you will find it all. Adult Friend Finder is the site that does it all. Catering for all your Adult Friend Finder Catering to all your erotic needs in one Adult Friend Finder place.

My Adult Friend Finder Story

I joined Adult Friend Finder one day for kicks. It was one of those” I’m horny, so why not” moments. It was interesting to say the least. As usual with these types of websites, the men out numbered the
women roughly 100 to 1.

I thought my chances of actually meeting someone to be slim to none. But, I figured I would engage a few women to see if I could pique anyone’s interest.

I decided to use the softball approach as I believe walking around with your dick in your hand is more of a turn off then a turn on to women…at least to most of them. I checked out a few different profiles that give me a knee jerk reaction visually, and then dug into their profiles to see if I could find some common ground.

I am a big believe that sex is more of a mental experience than a physical one. If you don’t have that mental connection with someone, the physical portion is very limited. I found a few women who’s interest were in sync with mine in one form or another, be it music, books or movies. I dropped a few notes to some of them to see if I could illicit a response.

I managed to make contact with a few ladies which was nice. I didn’t try to rush anything as I think the thrill of the hunt is half the fun.

As the conversations continued, I was contacted out of the blue by a friend of someone who I was chatting with. I come to find out several of the women know each other and watch each other’s back. This friend of a friend kinda read me the riot act trying to find out what my “deal” was.

I told her listen, you don’t have to worry about me. I am not some kind of weirdo. In fact, if the other person is not interested in me, I am not interested in them. Period, end of story. After a couple of messages with this friend’s friend, she came to trust me and we exchanged e-mail addresses. As it turned out, I was finding myself attracted to this other person. One day, I noticed she was online via the e-mail service and dropped her an IM asking what she was doing. She said she at work and bored. Well, I couldn’t let that stand.

I started dropping her suggestive comments as to what I would be doing to her while she was sitting at her desk (a story in and of itself). At one point she told me to knock it off as she was getting so wet she felt like she was soaking through her pants onto her chair. Well, I couldn’t let that lie. I asked her what her plans were for the evening. “Other than fingering my pussy when I get home…nothing.” she replied.

Click here for more! I told her I had fingers and a tongue that would feel much better if she was up to it. She hesitated and I said, “Look, I know physical chemistry is a fickle thing. Online chatting only goes so far. Until you have that physical connection, you really don’t know if there is anything there. Why don’t you stop by tonight. We can hang out and watch a movie. No expectations other than a friendly get together.”

I even offered to give her my driver’s license as security which she could leave with a friend. After subtle persuasion, she agreed to come over. When she arrived at my house, she was even better looking than her pictures.

She had short spiky black hair and a nice olive complexion due to her being half Native American. She also had a real ballsy personality in person which I had not picked up online. This was a huge turn on for me. There was nothing timid about this gal. We chatted for a while and I looked for the tell tale signs of whether or not she was attracted to me.

Click here for more! Good eye contact which led to a smile…check. Feeling comfortable enough with me to touch me while talking…check.

Things were off to a good start as we settled down to watch a movie. Of course, I could have cared less about the movie as I was totally aroused.

I didn’t want to come off so blatantly sexual out of the gate, so I started with subtle things. I started gently stroking her thighs and arms while we sat watching the movie. I then nestled closer and started kissing her neck and ears. Finally she had had enough. She turned, grabbed my head and planted a deep French kiss on me.

That was all I needed. I kissed her deeply back and rubbed my hand up the inside of her thigh under her skirt to her panties which I could feel the heat pour from. I took her and leaned her back length wise on my couch continuing to kiss her and fondle her pussy from the outside of her panties. Once I had herlying down, I pulled her panties aside and started rubbing her clit with my middle finger.

Click here for more! As her pussy began to really get wet, I slide my middle then two fingers into her aching pussy. All this while we continue to French kiss. She started to unbutton her top, so I began pulling off her skit to get my fingers and ultimately my tongue into her hot pussy.

Once I had her completely nude, I began to finger fuck her and kiss her passionately. I started working my fingers so I could hit her G spot. Once I found it I started working it furiously. I wanted to make this woman cum in the worst way.

She reached down and started massaging the raging hard on in my jeans. I was too focused on making her cum to deal with my clothes at the moment. Suddenly she said, “Yes Steve. Fuck my pussy…make my pussy cum.”

“Oh yeah baby, I want you to cum. I want to feel your cum all over my fingers so I can lick it off.” My words seem to do the trick as she arched her back and said, “Oh FUCK!” I felt her pussy juice start to flood around my fingers. She didn’t squirt, but came damn close.


Click here for more! I stopped moving my hand inside her and held it still while her pussy pulsated around my fingers. I let her rest for a moment, and then lower my head down to her pussy. I ran my tongue up and down the sides of her labia in long slow stokes. I then ran the flat part of my tongue up and down her pussy.

I took my time as I didn’t want to rush her so quickly after an orgasm. Once I felt she was ready, I took her hard clit into my mouth. I gently sucked on her clit and ran my tongue over it. I looked up at her from her pussy.

She grabbed one of her tits and began sucking deeply on her nipple. This was too much for me, I had to make her cum again. I went back to attacking her clit increasing the intensity slowly but surely. After a short while she said, “Fuck Steve, I am going to cum again…”

With that I felt her release her juices into my mouth which I gladly licked and suck up.

Click here for more! After she relaxed from her orgasm, she pulled me up to her and began kissing me deeply. “I love the taste of pussy.” She said. She explain to me how she was bi-sexual and had recently fucked this other gal who she also sucked her own pussy juice from her lips. Well, this was too much for me.
I had to release my cock from my jeans or I was going to cum in them. We continued kissing as I got rid of the jeans I was Wearing without underwear. Once my cock was released, she began stroking me and guiding me to her still dripping pussy.

She lifted one leg over my shoulder as my hard cock slid into her. Once again, she took one of her nipples into her mouth and began sucking while my cock was sliding in and out of her.

knew if I continued, I would cum any second. I slowed my pace down then turned her over on her stomach. I started fucking her from behind with her ass up and her face pressed sideways into my couch cushion. “Yes, baby. Fuck me baby. Fuck me.” She said. I was so turned on, I didn’t want to lose the feeling to a rushed orgasm.

I slowed myself down again and pulled out of her. I sat down on my couch and said, “Come here baby and suck my cock.” She flipped around and grabbed the base of my hard cock. She began sucking on the head of my aching cock. She then started sliding her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock.

She started jacking me off while sucking on the head of my cock again. I looked down at her and our eyes locked as she sucked and stroked me. The sensation was overwhelming. I knew I would be cumming any second. “Come here baby” I said, “I want to kiss you.” She came up beside me and we began kissing deeply again.

I took my cock in my hand and began jacking myself off while we kissed. This is what I wanted as I love the feeling of cumming and kissing at the same time. I quickly felt my orgasm build as I stroked myself faster and faster.

We were in a deep kiss when the first shot of my cum hit us on the side of our faces. We continue to kiss as I shot stream after stream cum onto our hot sweat bodies. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had mentally and physically.

We nestled together and enjoyed the high we were feeling. By this time, it was starting to get late. We didn’t get a chance to finish watching the movie. It was a week day and we both had to work in the morning. Once we had composed ourselves, I walked her to my door, gave her a big deep kiss, and then watched as she drove away. The first thing the next morning, I wrote her an e-mail. Dear XXXX, If ever I was asked, what the ultimate Adult Friend Finder experience would be like…

My Adult Friend Finder ADULT STORE Story

Adult Friend Finder
Adult Friend Finder

My boyfriend Richardand I went away for a weekend escape to a regional town. Although we went
there for a relaxing get-out-of-the-city break, we got bored at the bed and breakfast and ventured into
the town looking for something to do. It was a Saturday night and we decided to find a cinema and
watch a movie. After finally finding the cinema and parkeing, we walked to the box office and was told
that the main movie had already begun.

Disappointed, we gave up on the idea of a movie and
decided to walk aroundand seek something else to do.

It turned out that there was not much else
aroundbut ,at the end of one street, we came across a big red neon sign with XXX written on it . It
was a porno shop bazaar — a huge one. Adult stores were not shops I’d ever gone into, mainly
because I preferred to keep my sexual interests private and I would be so embarrassed being seen in
such a place. In my mind, a woman going into such a store was taboo.

I believed that only hookers
would stick around such places or dirty old men looking for them or any other release they could get
their hands on. Honestly, it gave me an ill taste in my gut and I wanted nothing to do with such a

This should give you some context to my personality. Richard, however,was always pushing me to
be less conservative and old fashioned and take more chances. It was a continual bone of contention
between us. Maybe we were badly matched. To make things worse, our last fight was about me
being a prude and I’d agreed to try being less so in the future.

Richard pointed at the shop. “There’s nothing else to do here, so let’s go in the adult shop. I know
you hate these places but nobody will recognise you out here so no need to worry. Come on, let’s go,
it will be fun”,he said, trying to convince me.

My instinct was to refuse. “No, Richard, please let’’s not.”
“So much for you trying new things,”he blurted out.

I felt guilty for not trying harder and I thought, ‘It’s late at night, we are in a foreign town far from
anyone we know, maybe it will be okay. We can go in and be out in whiff.’

This time, I let him get his way and we entered the huge store. It looked empty. The bell rang as we
entered and a tall guy at the counter, greeted us from afar.

“Hello, just call on me if you need any help or have any questions,”he said, still looking at his
computer screen.

There was nobody else around. I felt relief. We walked down the first aisle. There was shelf after
shelf of magazines and videos and then a cabinet filled with vibrators of all sizes and colours. Richard
took his timelooking at each part of the display. I felt a bit dirty being there and I so wanted to just get
out. I could not relax and be myself and window shop like in a normal shop.

Having never been into an adult store before, I was taken back by how many categories of porn
there were and how it was openly on display. I had looked on the internet but never in a public space
where others could be also shopping. I felt more and more uneasy about being there. I couldn’t let
myself even open a book or look at any particular item. I realised I was actually quite a prude.
“Richard, let’s go now. We’ve seen it all,” I said , pulling at his handwhich I held more out of
nervousness than anything else.

“I just want to buy this one thing,” he said, reaching for a box on the shelf.
Richard took the box and headed to the counter to pay for it.
“What are you buying?” I asked.

He wouldn’t let me see what it was. “It’s a surprise.”
“Don’t waste your money on it. You know me, I won’t use it,” I said.
The salesman, a tall European-looking guy, took Richard’s credit card and asked, “Have you
checked the sizing? There are no refunds or exchanges.”
Richard looked at the box. “It is a size hundred-and-six.“
The salesman responded, “If that’s for the lass with you, it’s way too big.”
The writing on the box was in German.

“You can try it on, there are changing rooms at the back of the store,” he said, pointing to the back
mirrored wall. “You can’t always tell from the numbers. You just gotta try it for size .”
We walked down the aisle to the back. Besides the mirrored wall, there was a little room which had
purple hanging curtains on two sides but no doors.

“Yes, that’s the changing room until we complete renovations,” the salesman shouted from the
I really didn’t w

ant to try on anything from that store. When Richard was being stubborn, I always
pushed back — but I remembered ourrecent chat about being more open and trying new things.
Although this was out of my comfort zone, maybe I should just do it to make Richard happy.
I pulled open the curtains and walked in.

There was another curtain on the one side, but the place
was empty and it was about eleven o’clocl, so it seemed private enough. I opened the box andlifted
out this leather mini in black. It looked okay, so I tried it on. I

t was too big for my waist and would not
stay up. My petite figure needed a much smaller size than whatever hundred-and-six was.
“Hey, Richard, this is way too big,” I said, handing him the box and skirt through the opening in the

I got dressed back into my jeans again. As we were leaving the store, the guy behind the counter
said to Richard, “Try this on, it’s the last of our small sizes. It will fit for sure,”and he handed a
wrapped packet to Richard.

I’d already indicated with my eyes that I’d enough and it was time to go but Richard seemed
downtrodden and asked me really nicely.
“Please ,try this one on. I promise we can leave after. I wantto get you a mementofor your first time
visiting an adult store.”

The guy heard Richard and said, “Mate, you need to get her one of our top selling vibrators, not this
sorta thing, if you want a memento she will never forget. Llet me show you one. It’s on twenty percent
sale at the moment.”

I wanted to sink into the ground. My face was red and I was so embarrassedand felt so out of place
having another guy talk with my boyfriend about me using a vibrator.

“No thanks, this will be just fine. I will try it on,” I said as I took the plastic-wrapped package from
Richard and returned to the changing room.

I closed the curtains and unwrapped the outfit. It was a black top made of stretchy material — I think
spandex — a bit like the material used in yoga pants, but shinier and it had gold stars scattered
around as part of the design. I opened the outfit and held it up in front of me. It had long legs and
arms that I guessed would fit the whole body and was not actually a top as I had initially thought. It
looked like a full bodysuit.

It was one of these dancing-type outfits where you putlegs infirst, then peel it up the body and finally
put the arms in. I took my jeans off and started to put a leg into the material. It was really tight and I
needed to pull it up in layers.

I got my legs in and managed to pull the outfit up to my hips, but the
metal clasps on the bikini I had on from earlier was catching and pulling at the material. I was worried
the metal clasps would tear the material. I unrolled the suit and started again after taking off my black
bikini briefs.

I pulled it up my legs and then had to grab the skin-tight material around my hips and pull it up higher
and over. I felt the seam pull into my butt. I removed my pink t-shirt and then realised that my bikini
bra also had clasps. So I unclipped it and removed it.

I slipped my arms into the suit, pulling it taut
over and across my shoulders and then over my breasts.

I then adjusted myself so as to pull the
material around until it fitted without pulling anywhere. Itfelt like a second skin. I had never worn such
tight and form-fitting clothes. It felt quite strange and I was too shy and self-conscious to open the
curtain for Richard to see.

There was no mirror in the room so I couldn’t see how it looked.
I was about to change back into my clothes when I heard Richard ask from outside the changing
room, “Does it fit?”
Then the store guy then said from a distance, “That outfit will definitely not be too large – it’s a small
“No, I don’t think it’s any good,”I chimed back, “but there’s no mirror in here.”
“Come on out, there are plenty of mirrors here”,

Richard said.
II anxiously opened the curtain and there was a mirror just outside. I looked down the aisle and the
store guy was at the counter, so I walked out to the mirror.

“Oh my god does that look sexy and good on you?” Richard exclaimed.
I looked in the mirror and this bodysuit was figure hugging — way too much! The material contoured
around my legs and torso and was tight across my breasts too. I turned to the side. It pulled in tightly
and disappeared right into the crease of my butt, making it look like I was nude. Each butt cheek was
tightly outlined by the suit, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Facing front, I walked closer to the mirror to get under the light. The black shiny spandex had the
gold starts scattered around the breast area and the crotch. The taut spandex was see through and
the gold stars attempted to hide the private areas.

My breasts could clearly be seen through the
material and the gold stars did little to cover them.

My nipples poked prominently in the transparent
material. I instinctively put my arms across my breasts to cover up. As I did, I noticed how the
spandex traced around my mound ,even pulling into my slit. The stars hid my vagina from being
exposed but I had not shaved in a week and little sharp pubic hairs were visible around the stars.
Standing there like this was a no-no, so I started to retreat for cover back into the privacy of the
changing room.

The store guy arrived next to Richard as I stood there frozen with my arms still crossed over my
breasts trying to cover up.

“That is a perfect fit and it really suits you,” he saidas he looked me up and down.
I didn’t know what to reply. I was not the exhibitionist type and being dressed like this was unnatural
for me. I felt so uncomfortable.

“Well, I best get changed,”was all I could muster as these two men were fixated on my body.
“I am just going the toilet,” Richard announced. “You get changed and I will be back in five minutes.”
Richard disappeared and I nervously moved back to the changingroom.

I was not thinking and I
pulled on the curtain too quickly as I tried to close it and the rail came crashing down. The store guy
came over to help put the curtain back up as I stood there, but the bracket had also come out.
“Looks like the room is not going to be usable,”he said. “Mmmm…the only toilet is by the cinema
across the road. You can go into the old store room, which is now the peep and glory hole room, but
nobody is there, so you should be private.”

I had nowhere to go. To make things worse, the movie across the road had just finished and two
couples entered the store. They were browsing the aisles andstared overat me.I felt like a slut. I didn’t
know what to do. I had nowhere to run. I felt an idiot holding my one arm across my breasts and the
other over my crotch area. I had nowhere to hide.

I was obviously a sight as the two couples walkedover. They stood there just looking. I wanted the
ground to suck me in so I could get out of this embarrassing situation. Luckily, the guys got distracted
by some magazine on the shelf and walked away leaving the two girls. They were dressed in mini
dresses and skimpy tops.

“What’s happened here?” the blonde girl asked.
I think they had been drinking as they were quite loud. I started to tell them about the curtain and
trying on the outfit.

“You don’t need to be so afraid and shy, holding your arms like it’s the end of the world,” the red
head said. “Lift your hands away, let us see the outfit.”

I let my arms hand down, trying to be brave and just going with the flow.
“Shit! You are damn hot, young lady,” the blonde said. “I wish I had a figure like yours to look so
good in an outfit like that. You’re amazing. Be proud, don’t hide away. Show off your gift.”
“Thanks.”I didn’t know else to say.

“We can see you’re not used to wearing anything like this,” the red head commented. “By the way. I
love your breasts. Your nipples look so good pointing out by the stars.”
I was quite embarrassed and the blonde then added, “And a great cameltoe. The stars are not doing
much to hide that pussy!”

This was all so strange to me. I had never had women look me up and down and talkabout mein
such an opensexual way. It hit me that I was in fact a real prude. This was one of the most
embarrassing moments of my life and I swore never to go back into an adult store again. How did
such a thing happen to me on my first visit?

The store was filling up now and the assistant was back at the counter serving customers.
I asked the girls,

“Where’s the peep room where I can change out of this?”
The blonde girl took my arm under hers and said,” Come along, we’ll show you.”
As we walked down the aisle the red head slapped my butt and said, “Geez, this material really
outlines that sexy little butt of yours. I wish I could get my ass to look so good. Maybe I should buy an
outfit like it.”

We got to the end of the passage and the blonde opened the door and led the way into a room. It
had low lighting and had three little window slits. I guessed they were for people tolook through as a
dancer or stripper performed in the centre of the room. There were also holes beneath each window,
which I think was for people to put their penises through or whatever.

As weclosed the door behind, I took no notice at first when the blondefaced me and put her hand on
my stomach to feel the material.

“This is so soft and shiny — it’s like those dancing outfits, leotards but
shaped like a bodysuit or catsuit”, she said, “and you got a tight flat stomach. ” She touched it again,
this time sliding the back of her palm slowlydown my stomach and resting for a moment on my
mound, before turning her palm and tracing two fingers over my pubes and down until they landed on
my inner thigh. She then walked away to fetch something.

It felt so weird. I had not had a woman touch me there or like this ever before. The shock of the
situation took me off my usual guard and I did nothing to stop her.

I was paralysed by the surprise.
Her touch was more than a casual friendly gesture, I thought, and I was taken back by the
sensations. I felt shivers and tingles growing throughout my body accompanied by a deep throbbing.
This unexpected experience had, in an instant, turned me on.

I was aroused and I felt an intense
pooling and building of heat in my pussy. My nipples felt sensitive and got erect, poking beneath the
spandex material. My clit was on fire. I could feel it swelling in excitement and anticipation. Without
realising it, I had opened my thighs as spasms of arousal coursed through my body. I didn’t know how
to stop the rush of hormones so I just stood there. My pussy was welling up. The warm moisture
building up between my legs was now more than damp. I reached my fingers down to pull out the
spandex material gathering and pulling right into my slit.

This was crazy! What was I thinking? I didn’t know how to deal with these raging urges. I so wanted
to hide them so that these girls wouldn’t notice.

I then felt the hands of the red headreach around from behind me and slowly caress my breasts on
top of the tight material, brushing her fingers across my now hard nipples, causing me to arch as I felt
a small orgasm cascade through my pussy, ripples of tiny contractions. Thenshe squeezed the epi
centre of my stimulation and, with two fingers, twisted and pulled hard on my erect nips through the
material. Pangs of pleasure felt so, so good. I let out a slow moan.

While the red head continued caressing my breasts, the blonde kissed me on my neck. I smelt her
perfume as I tingled under her warm breath and soft lips. It was ticklish at first but then very sensual,
sending sparks of electricity through my spine.

I could not hold in my arousal anymore. The pleasure-filled sensations were washing over me ,wave
upon wave, taking me along for the ride.

Shekissed me on my lips. It was wet and passionate, her
tongue dancing around mine. I lost it and all inhibitions just melted away. I kissed her back
passionately, opening my mouth and taking in her tongue deeper, sticking my tongue into her mouth.
It felt so perfectly good. As I was kissing the blonde, I felt her clenching my glute quite strongly and
then I felt a finger from her other hand rub slowly up and down the crease in my butt. This was so

We kissed as I put my arms around her waist in tight embrace. I felt her leather skirt and as she
continued to play and massage my butt I slid my hands down her skirt to feel hers. I lifted her skirt up
and felt her naked butt. She had no underwear on. I clenched the soft butt and, guided by her, I too
put my fingers to her crease.

Just then she pulled back and said, “I need to pee so badly. Will be back”.
She pulled her skirt down, ran her hands through hair to straighten it, and quickly left the room.
The red head retracted from behind me.

I missed my breasts being touched. The scintillating
sensations of arousal were at a peak. I didn’t want to stop now. I had succumbed to this whole
experience and now just wanted more, to be touched, to feel the pleasure everywhere. I was yearning
for more, desperate to move further and become totally absorbed in it. The red head kneeled
between my legs which were quite unstable and rubbery.

“You are so wet,” she said “Your pussy is soaking wet. I can see white creaminess oozing outand
flowing through this thin spandex around your crotch area,“ she said, almost gasping with elated

I was too taken back to be embarrassed. I looked at my crotch area. It was soaking wet. A circle of
wetness was extending down my inner thigh.

The red head placed a finger along my slit which was swollen with arousal and she rubbed gently,
applying pressure up and in between my pubes, the spandex fabric stretching with her finger
movements. She lifted up her finger in front of me said, “Mmm, look at your pussy juices coating my

I focussed on her fingers held up in front of me. They were glistening with a white creamy wetness.
She stroked my one nipple with her finger, wiping it dry on the shiny material. I was in need and I
guided her arm back down towards my crotch area. My breath was now audible in quick short and
sharp bursts.

I wanted her fingers deep in my pussy. I wanted her to just fuck me and penetrate me
deep, hard and fast.
This was the last straw. I lost all the care in the world. My inhibitions had disappeared. I was in a
meditative like state.

I was actually trembling with excitement, my breath shallow and fast. My
tensions and stimulation were at a peak.

I was pulling and contorting my muscles tight, sucking in
every cell in my body, holding it all in like a tightly wound ball. As if reading me, she took her finger
and strengthened the pressure as she pushed the spandex deeper into my wetness. I was rotating
my hips so that I could suck in her fingers deeper into my pussy. I felt an aching orgasm coming on. I
was throbbing at the edge.

She pinched my pubes and massaged my clit in circular motions, hard
and furiously as I needed. I grabbed my nipples with my fingers and pulled them really hard. I could
no longer stand. My legs just couldn’t hold me up.I sat on the floor, my knees up and splayed wide
apart, and I rested back on my elbows.

I wanted to tear open the spandex to expose my pussy and breasts so that I could be touched fully
and without restraint.

She pushed my knees down and climbed on top of me, placing her butt on my thighs and leant
forward. I felt her pussy against mine. She too had no undies on. I felt the heat of her pussy as it
touched mine. She now stuck her tongue into my mouth as I lay back and she crouched over me. She
rubbed her pussy against mine rotating it up and down as if she was fucking.

Her breath was also
shallow and slow and very loud, gasping each time her pussy made contact with mine. Pussy against
pussy, heat against heat. I felt her folds rub against mine, her clit touching my clit. Wow, it was so

I could not hold back the waves any longer. I grabbed her by the ass and pulled her into me,
yearning to feel her nakedness against me. She went harder and faster as she gyrated her hips into
me. We were in a rhythm, both moaning.

She pulled her top aside and started fondling her small
breasts pulling her nipples out as she thrustagainst my crotch. I let out a scream as I arched my back
pushing my thighs up high and into her hard. I was digging my nails into her butt, pulling her into me,
my pussy throbbing and pulsing out of control. I trembled, I moaned loudly as the feeling of ecstasy
overcame me.

Wave upon wave of pleasure washed over me as I felt the Adult Friend Finder rush of wetness around my Adult Friend Finder pussy. I
looked at her and felt her Adult Friend Finder pussy squirting over me, soaking my Adult Friend Finder crotch area even more. She let out a
screeching Adult Friend Finder moan and collapsed forward and over me, putting her arms around my Adult Friend Finder butt in a tight
Adult Friend Finder embrace as he lay her Adult Friend Finder face down flat on my Adult Friend Finder breasts. We lay there catching our Adult Friend Finder breaths.
After a while, we both broke out in Adult Friend Finder laughter.

“By the way, my name is Adult Friend Finder Suzie… so nice to meet you,” she said and we laughed again.
“My name is Adult Friend Finder Rachel,” I replied as we stood up.

I looked in the Adult Friend Finder  mirror. My Adult Friend Finder face was sweated out, my Adult Friend Finder hair dishevelled, my face and neck red, and my Adult Friend Finder new outfit which I had not yet bought was soaked from my waist down mid-thigh.
I put my jAdult Friend Finder eans and Adult Friend Finder blouse on top of the Adult Friend Finder outfit, and straightened my Adult Friend Finder hair. Adult Friend Finder Suzie pulled her Adult Friend Finder skirt down
and was fixing her Adult Friend Finder hair too.

“We should find Adult Friend Finder Britney and our Adult Friend Finder men,” Adult Friend Finder  suggested.
Outside the Adult Friend Finder room, we walked to the counter, where we were greeted by the Adult Friend Finder store guy who was
chatting to Adult Friend Finder Richard, the Adult Friend Finder blonde girl whom I now knew was named Adult Friend Finder Britney and their two partners, Adult Friend Finder Greg and Adult Friend Finder Jon.

“Was just wondering what had happened to you,” Britney said. “I told the guys that you were having a
serious chat and they should just wait a few minutes.”
Nobody said anything about this encounter.

Adult Friend Finder Richard asked me later why I was so long and I told him were Adult Friend Finder chatting and time just got away. It
turned out he met a Adult Friend Finder friend outside the Adult Friend Finder movie theatre and was kept back for twenty minutes chatting

“So, you going to take that Adult Friend Finder outfit,” the store guyasked me.
“Oh, yes, I will take it. I still have it on under my Adult Friend Finder clothes if that’s okay.”
We paid for the outfit and left the Adult Friend Finder  store. As we walked out, Adult Friend Finder Suzie handed me a piece of Adult Friend Finder paper. I
quickly put it in my Adult Friend Finder pocket .

When I got back home that night, I read it. “Hey Adult Friend Finder sexy, I had such a great Adult Friend Finder time, you are Adult Friend Finder awesome.
You got me to squirt for my first Adult Friend Finder time, call meand we should Adult Friend Finder meet up again. I want to turn you into a Adult Friend Finder dirty slut.” She put her Adult Friend Finder pohone number at the end.

Well, our next Adult Friend Finder meeting is another whole Adult Friend Finder story. I also have a Adult Friend Finder photo of the Adult Friend Finder outfit which I still have it at
home. Richard is no longer my boyfriend, tthough!


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