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Senior Dating

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Darren finds love  on senior dating with a woman twenty years


Her eyes sparkled as they shook hands. It was the accepting expression on her face that first drewhim to her. She was five and a half feet tall, thin, with tan skin and straight black hair. Her eyes werehazel and warm as they regarded him for the first time.Darren was five ten, thereabouts. An athlete since middle school his physique wasn’t something tobe detailed, but enticing enough to be noted. His hair was light brown and slicked back. His face washandsome and his jawline pronounced, a light shadowing of beard covered his cheeks.Her name was Andrea. She was forty-three, a business partner of his parents.

They stood in theexpansive lounge room of his parent’s home. The midsummer warmth wafted through double doorsleading out onto the stone patio. Inside, the carpets and furniture were white. The fireplace flickeredset in the far wall.After the introduction, the “pleased to meet you” and “it’s a pleasure ma’am” the two faded into theroving guests again. It had been Darren’s parents that introduced them. He would wonder later on ifthey looked back on that moment and regretted it.For now, a young man in his early twenties, Darren roamed about, making idle conversation withthose he knew.

There was Mitchel, who had known him since childhood, Kendra, a thirty-somethingwith a baby on the way, Kyle, who was not much older than Darren, but enough of a jock of industry to curl his toes, a mongst many others. They all held drinks, margarita glasses or beer or wineglasses, and munched on nuts and fondue and the like. It was a corporate party, a mid-year gatheringof the law firm. Darren had seen many of them and wished only for the night to move a little quickerso he could lie in bed and sleep. He wondered now where his sister was as he scanned the room.She was eighteen and slender and full of fire.

He had only seen her for a moment earlier, talking to agroup of people, none of which he could remember from previous gatherings.Time passed. He did his duty as the boss’s son and made jokes. It was around ten forty-five when hewandered outside to catch some air. The patio was dim; the only light was from the iron fireplace nearthe round.

The “round”, as they called it, was just an extension of the patio proper, where there werebenches and steps leading onto the lawn.It was there he found Andrea, standing and sipping her drink, looking out at the silver glade underthe stars. She wore a pants suit and sandals, a silver bracelet around one wrist, a matching necklace,and dangling diamond earrings. Despite these things, she was much less adorned than others thatnight.

She turned at his approach.“Hey Darren, how’s life on the inside?”“It’s getting hot in there, even with the doors open. You’ve got the right idea staying out here.”He sat on one of the benches and she leaned against the rock wall.“So you’re in school?” she asked.“Yup, I’ve got another year and I’ll have double majored in music and engineering.”

“Music and engineering? That’s a spread.”She smiled at him, her eyes sparkling again. As their conversation continued, slowly turning fromsmall talk to something more in depth, Darren learned more about Andrea. She was quiet, but not shyby any means, most comments from her were intuitive and blunt.

She seemed to enjoy her solitude,her obvious hesitation regarding the party and her solo work at the company all exemplified this.Andrea was a solid woman.It dawned on him that they had been talking for over an hour, neither of them having moved.“It was five years ago that we divorced. It’s strange we had been together since high school and suddenly, one of us changed. I still don’t really know what happened.”“If it was good it would have worked out, it’s better this way.”

“I know it is, thanks, Darren,” Andrea said as she checked her phone. “I should be going soon, it’spast midnight.”“Really?”“I know, this party flew by.

It’s been nice chatting with you.”Darren stood, not wanting the moment with her to end so abruptly. It was then he questioned hisfeelings. If she were near his age he would offer his number or ask for her’s… something.

What wasthe difference now? She was nearly twenty years older but what did that matter? Finally, he settled onsomething that wasn’t too aggressive.“Can I walk you to your car?”She smiled, that same warm look he’d grown familiar with over the past few hours. Twenty, forty,sixty years old, she was stunning and he was excited by the fact he had just asked her that.“Sure, Darren, why not?”She stuck out her elbow and he guided his arm through.

The two walked arm in arm around thehouse in the dark, chatting away. He was extremely aware of the warmth of her side, the gait of herstride. That she was older did have some novelty to it.They arrived at her car, an expensive convertible no less. He’d almost forgotten her position at thelaw firm.“It was nice talking to you,” Andrea said again, turning to him and taking out her keys, “Refreshingreally.

These parties can be a little stale. No offense.”“You’re telling me,” he paused, considering what to say next. When he couldn’t think of anything hejust smiled. “Drive safe, okay?”“Hmm, I will. I’ll see you around Darren.”He started up the curved driveway, looking back as he reached the front door to see her car pullingaway.

His mind ran with thoughts; what had just happened? Was that more than just a friendlygoodbye? Should he just stay cool or pursue this? In any case, he went back inside.Some guests were still lingering. Darren went up the stairs to the second floor, loosening his tie ashe went. His night was done. As he walked down the hall, pictures of scenery and his family hangingfrom the walls, he heard faint voices. Upon nearing the end of the hall, where he and his sister’srooms were located, the noises became louder.Her door was ajar, of course.

He looked in, a completely different atmosphere was occurring there. Aportion of his sister’s bed was visible. From his vantage he could see her on her hands and knees,dress thrown up over her hips, and the front of some man, he couldn’t see their face, humping intoher pale and smooth hind end. She was grunting with every thrust, auburn hair falling down past herface. He watched for a moment, trying to decide if he was disgusted or not. She was technically anadult he supposed and settled on slapping the door loudly before sauntering down the hall to his ownroom.

He wasn’t sure what their reaction had been, but it was amusing enough just knowing theywere aware they’d been caught.It was an interesting happenstance when Darren saw Andrea at the store the following week. Havingjust met her it felt like coincidence, but really they’d likely run into each other a number of timesbefore, unaware of their mutual connections. She was perusing oranges.“Andrea, hey,” Darren greeted, approaching her in what he hoped was an appropriate fashion.“Hey Darren,” she smiled, looking up from the stand.

She didn’t seem off put by his presence. In fact,she seemed delighted.“How’ve you been?”“Since the party?” she laughed. “Alright, I suppose. Out and about on errands huh?”“A few, yeah.”“Want to join me? I’m sure we could kill some dead air together.”“Sure, I’d love that.”The two wandered the grocery store. Andrea informed him of various foods he’d never heard of. Heenjoyed the sound of her voice, the clear intelligence in her tone. She spoke confidently, assuredly,obviously much more in her element today than the previous week.

She was casually dressed,though still not without style. Her wealth was a soft undercurrent in her attire.Darren grabbed things on the way, having not come for anything in particular. As they neared theexit, Andrea had insisted on paying for him, he realized he hadn’t been aware of anyone or hardlyanything the whole time, like they existed outside of time and space.He went with her to her car and helped with her things. She’d bought much more than him.

It was herday to “stock up” as she’d said. As they finished she looked about at the parking lot.“Where are you parked?”“Oh I took the bus,” he replied.“You don’t have a car?” she asked, apparently bewildered.“I do, but I let Jenny borrow it today.”“Look at you, good to your sister. You want a ride?”He watched her face, the glimmer in her eyes.“Come on,” she continued, tugging at the one bag in his hand. “Don’t be shy.”

He climbed in the passenger seat. Everything was clean and brown leather. There was no clutter orreceipts tucked in cup holders.“You’re very neat,” he commented as she sat in the driver’s seat.“I didn’t get high on the totem pole for being a slob.”Andrea turned the key in the ignition and the car hummed to life. The vehicle was amazingly well

insulated and he could barely hear anything outside the windows.“Do you mind if we stop at my condo first?” she asked. “It’s actually on the way and I’ve got some nfrozen stuff.”“I don’t mind at all.

”They cruised through the city. Most of their journey was beside the river. Andrea’s condo building was near the beach on the south side of the cove. They parked in an adjacent garage. Darren helpedlug her groceries inside, down one hall, up the stairs and to the first door on the right. Her place wasimpeccable; wide windows with a view of the beach, marble counters and antique furniture.

Thewhole place mirrored her personality perfectly.“Would you like a drink?” she asked from the kitchen as he wandered to the window.“Sure,” he answered absently, staring at the vista. It was a cloudy day but the water was still beautiful. She came up silently beside him, a bottle in one hand and a can in the other.“I have orange juice in a can or beer.”“Is it too early for beer?” he asked, flashing a grin.“In my home? I don’t think so.”He accepted the bottle and she fetched one for herself, plopping down on one green couch.

Therewas another at ninety degrees around the coffee table.“Is that maple?” he asked, sitting beside her. He had thought to sit on the other couch, but if therewas any progress to be made he didn’t want to stall it.“Mahogany.”For the first time, she looked a little sheepish, staring at the beer in her hands.

For a moment sheseemed like a shy teenager and then, when she looked up, had that same warmth in her features, thesame faint wrinkles around her eyes and her mouth.“Are you okay?” she asked, meeting his gaze.“What do you mean?”“Well, I just want to make sure you feel comfortable.”“I’m comfortable,” he replied, suddenly appreciative of her concern.

“There’s nothing to worry about.”“You sure?”“Absolutely.”She was staring at him intensely, turning the beer bottle around in her hands.“I’m not too old for you to hang out with?”“That should be the furthest thing from your mind.”“Want to have sex then?”He tried to hide the surprise from his face.“Yeah.”She set down the beer and held out a hand.

He took it and she led him across the floor to a doorleading into her bedroom. It looked more like a hotel room than a bedroom. The walls were a darkwood color. The bed was high with a white comforter. When they reached the middle of the floor sheturned to him and pressed herself against him. He took the initiative to kiss her and she kissed himback, her hands rubbing his neck and face.

She felt warm and comforting, something he hadn’t feltwith a woman before. Before it had been girls his age, out for a romp. This was new and exciting.Her hands trailed to his shirt and pulled it up over his head. She kissed his chest, playing with thebutton of his pants until they fell in a heap to the floor. He was already erect and she brushed a handover his penis as she turned, back to.

He undressed her from behind, her trim butt and legs wererevealed. There were various minor scars and freckles on her skin, around her shoulders and such.He kissed her neck, pressing his groin against her butt. Her black panties and bra were plain and yetthe fabric and texture aroused him. Her breasts were small and his hands ran over them, nipplesslight bumps under her bra. She hummed at his touch.It was then they climbed up onto the bed. Andrea removed her garments without ceremony andDarren followed her lead.

They lay facing each other and made out for a while, getting accustomed tothe other’s company. Then Andrea scooted over and rolled onto her other side, sticking her bottomtowards him. With one hand she reached back and found his erection, stroking it lightly.“Come over here stud.”He maneuvered closer and placed his penis between her legs, rubbing her inner thighs.

“Mmm, I like that,” she muttered and caressed his phallus head with the ends of her fingers. Hegroaned at this and she guided it to her vagina. At the feeling of warmth and wetness, he pushed intoher.

With one long grunt, he was entirely inside of her, fleshy walls were ecstasy on his member. Hepaused, gathering his composition, and then began to thrust, one hand on her hip and the othermoving up and down her arm. Her hand was firmly clenched back on his butt cheek.

The morepleasure she felt the tighter her grip became.“Oh dear, uh, we are in the right place,” she moaned, rubbing at her clit. He was enjoying the feel ofher butt on his scrotum and around his genitals in general. Her back was smooth against his chest.His lips were buried in her neck until she turned her head and he kissed her lips, tongue reachinginside her mouth.“Mmm, young man…”He pulled out of her and lay on his back. She moved on top of him, sitting on him and sliding himinside again. They both groaned at this and she rocked.

He pulled her down to him, holding her andpressing up into her as their pleasures came to a climax. His crotch felt wet and he knew she hadcum, knowing that satisfied him to no end.

She had relaxed some and he knew it was time for him tofinish too.“Andrea?” he whispered.“Cum in me,” she replied. “It’s okay.”He thrust one last time and came.She was lying on top of him, kissing his cheek over and over again. Again he felt comforted by herpresence. Maybe it was that she was older than him. Maybe it was just her personality.

After a timeshe stood and went into the little bathroom off the bedroom. When she came back she was wearing arobe and leaned over and kissed him. Her kisses were so much more enticing and rich, like theymeant more than any girl he’d been with before.“You are amazing,” he said and she smiled with that twinkle in her eye.“Lunch?”Jenny’s hands and knees were getting sore as the older man thrust into her. She’d forgotten hisname, though she had seen him at a number of parties before.

senior dating
senior dating

What was his name?Bam!She squealed as a loud knock came at the door.

The old man behind her stopped humping for amoment and the two stared anxiously at the doorway. There was no one there but she knewobviously someone had seen them. She guessed it was Darren. He had the only other room in thishall. She wished they’d closed the door.The old man began thrusting into her again, sliding his hands up and down her smooth pale legs.Her dress was sparkling and white, bunched up at her hips. He kept trying to grab her breasts, lovelyand round and plump as they were, but she slapped his hand away every time.

“Did you go soft?” she inquired, looking back at his reddened face. “I can’t feel anything.”“I’m not soft!”“Shush and come if you haven’t, and not in me.”“I could with a blow job.”She sighed and rolled her eyes, pulling herself off of him with a wet “shluck” and rotated around,pressing her lips to the end of his penis.“I don’t know why my mouth is better than my pussy.”Before she could get it in he came on her lips, white semen spilling down her chin.

He moaned andshe wiped her face with the back of her hand.“Never again old dude, get lost.”He stood and dressed quietly, stumbling drunkenly out of the room. Jenny lay back on her pillowsand slid a hand between her legs, rubbing at her tender spot. The fair skin of her chest flushed.“That’s it,” she muttered, “I can do it myself.”She rubbed away, one hand clutching at her own plump breast, squeezing the puffy nipple until shecame.

Senior Dating Poem

I was four score, you a touch younger. Both of us still had the hunger to release our passions and taste each other’s sweat. Neither of us was much of a talker but you looked so hot on your walker.

I was four score, you a touch younger. Both of us still had the hunger to release our passions and taste each other’s sweat. Neither of us was much of a talker but you looked so hot on your walker. I wanted to be as close as I could get. My heart sings remembering that very first day the two of us began to play and strove to reach the heights of senior bliss.

You were my Senior Dating aging beautiful Venus. Thru my Senior Dating pants you rubbed my Senior Dating penis and then gave me a Senior Dating sensuous Senior Dating toothless kiss. I helped you roll up to the Senior Dating bed and stroked the blue hair on your head and soon we lay together in the nude.

I cradled you in my Senior Dating bony arms, your breasts like flattened pancake charms, I kissed them and we both got in the mood. Eventually I came to dare to kiss the sparse and thin grey hair the portent of your labia majora.

Soon you laughed and weren’t Senior Dating shy and heaved a lover’s deepest sigh and then came not just one Senior Dating cum but a Senior Dating plethora. Lastly I will never forget how both of us all sticky and wet caressed and kissed there sitting in your shower. Between us we had 157 years. But there were never any fears since we had Senior Dating love with Senior Dating lube and Senior Dating Viagra power.

Senior Dating
Senior Dating



Senior Dating
Senior Dating


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