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Sex Shop

Enter the Sex Shop
Enter the Sex Shop

Sex Shop Turn On – Telling each other about our sex acts with other people is one of the most stimulating sexual turn-ons for me and my boyfriend. When I describe in vivid detail my sex with another man, James is never more astonished than when I do. I, on the other hand, leave after hearing him describe how he fucks other women.

James is a confirmed voyeur who frequently visits our city’s sex and adult bookstores. I used to enjoy hearing him talk about his nighttime visits to these Sex Shop, the tiny, dim movie theaters, the grainy porno on tiny screens, the men who lurked in the dim corridors, and the “glory holes.”

My imagination was sparked by the glory holes. Regarding the holes cut into the side walls of the movie theaters, James was the subject of numerous questions from me. He would tell me stories about watching men masturbate, seeing men fuck each other, and getting a blow-job from time to time. James and I are bisexual, so we occasionally go gay for the added flavor.

The more James discussed the Sex Shop, the more I fantasized about them, about the obscurity and moment delight of the magnificence opening sex – a nondescript experience, an unadulterated salacious sexual experience absent any trace of feelings and the weights of social amenities. Getting what I wanted without having to involve my own psychological or emotional self or the other person was appealing. Why shouldn’t I, if my boyfriend could do it?

I gained from James that ladies visited the Sex Shop, yet rarely. I anticipated that management would fire me. My thought was to just peruse around, look the spot over, watch a film or two. Even if we didn’t have a sexual encounter, I was certain the visit would be a real attraction.

I drove past a few of the Sex Shop and tracked down a little activity with-out a steady progression of traffic. I was nervous as I entered the Sex Shop cool, dim interior, and the receptionist immediately informed me that I was not his typical customer. He attempted to keep hiscool, yet clearly he was surprised to see me there.

The Sex Shop Clerk mumbled, “We don’t have many female customers in this Sex Shop.” Give it some time. Enjoy yourself, and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I wore a tank top and a tight skirt without a bra. The Sex Shop Clerk gave me an honest assessment from head to toe, his words dripping with sweat.

I was happy to see that I had sparked his interest. I got several dollars and started looking around the store after James told me that he always exchanged dollars for quarters at the counter because the movie machines used quarters.

sex shop cock ring
sex shop cock ring

The sex shop was broken up into sections; a rear area that was entered through a door that was used to access the movie booths of the sex shop, and an open front area with shelf after shelf of books and magazines in the sex shop.

Every conceivable variation of sex was covered in the books and magazines in this sex shop.Sexual aids were displayed in front of the checkout counter of the sex shop; creams and ointments, dildos of every size and description, synthetic pussies, French ticklers, and rubbers. as well as countless video cassettes.

I had the impression that I had stumbled into a huge orgy with just a quick glance at the erotica in the sex shop. I found myself wanting to touch a particularly large cock on a magazine cover or a pouting, spread-lipped pussy that was aimed at me on display in the sex shop.

A few men were perusing among the racks and every one of them clandestinely watched my advancement along the walkways of the sex shop, each without a doubt considering what my sexual interest was and what I was looking for in the sex shop, what one thing truly knocked my socks off, made me slip over that slight line into an uncontrolled condition of sexual euphoria that can interest: ” a lot more, a lot more!” Being the center of attention in the sex shop was fun for me.

I looked at every one of the men in the sex shop. All of them had a nice appearance, were clean-shaven, and were very typical and middle-class. They were looking for celluloid sex or maybe the same anonymous sex I had been dreaming about for so long.

My nipples were tingly and my pussy was wet by the time I got to the back of the sex shop where the “sex shop peep shows” were being shown.
Each movie’s title and one still image were displayed on a small marquee in the sex shop. After making a decision, I entered the dim corridor of the sex shop with doors on either side.

The “peeps” worked in small, six-foot-square cubicles within the sex shop. The wall-mounted coin-fed projector had a backlit screen. The majority of booths in the sex shop had a straightforward wall bench in front of the screen so customers could sit and watch movies. It took four or five quarters to watch the entire reel because the movies were timed.

Only a plywood panel separated me from the individuals in the cubicles of the sex shop on either side of me, and the walls were extremely thin. The motions and groans of my neighbors, as well as the movie soundtrack, came to the surface.

I chose a movie with two girls and a guy who had a cock that looked like it was a foot long. To ensure my privacy in the sex shop, I closed the door behind me and inserted the slide bolt through the hasp. The tiny room in the sex shop had a strong sperm odor. As I moved about, I could feel my shoe sole slightly sticking to the floor. It was black as night and I needed to feel my way to the cash space. I deposited two quarters there and sat down on the small bench to observe the action in the sex shop peep show.

The movie began in the middle of a scene in which one of the women was sucking on the man’s cock while the other woman was licking the other woman’s pussy. She was taking it all the way down her throat, pulling him out of her mouth completely before going back down on him and making deep, thrusting movements with her mouth. The man had a glistening, wet cock. I noticed that she resembled me when I suck James off.

There was a lot of groaning, slurping, and moaning. The pussy-eating woman began to insert her fingers first into her wet hole and then upward into her anus.

The little screen extended an exceptionally muffled light into the work space,sort of dim, smoky obscurity that relaxed the lines of my body. While my skirt was bunched up around my thighs, I noticed myself running my hands over the wet crotch of my pants. I was as fiery as a match!

I lost track of the movie and ran out of quarters as a result of getting so caught up in rubbing my pussy. My cubicle went dark after the movie ended, and I could make out a faint light shining through the wall that separated my booth from my neighbor’s.

Through the rounded holes in the panel walls, I could see the flickering lights from the adjacent booths, even though my own cubicle was dark.

When I looked through one of the holes, I saw my neighbor holding a firm erection with his fist. On the screen, he was watching someone punch someone in the back. He worked on his tool with his pants pulled down around his thighs as he watched.

I kept an eye on him until his quarters were full. I just stared at him as he pumped his meat, massaged his balls, and rubbed his hand over the purple head of his cock. My own hand was now moving, with my fingers slipping into and out of my wet puss. On my aching nipples, I strained and pulled. I was hot inside and out, covered in sweat.

I added some quarters to my own projector after my neighbor’s movie ended and whispered, “Hey, pssst,” through the glory hole.
He could clearly see everything I did now that the light in my own booth was on. And did I impress him? I spread my legs, slid my pants off, and hiked up my skirt as I leaned back on my bench. He was staring directly at my crotch.

I started rubbing my pussy and ass with my fingers as I gave myself a workout. I twisted and twirled my nipples after sliding off my tank top.
I sucked on the soaked crotch as I ran my pants over my face.After that, I poked my clit with my middle finger until I felt fire shoot up my inner thighs. As I gave myself over to the pleasure and heat within me, I nearly forgot about my voyeur.

My film finished and I was grabbed from a roaring climax. Approximately seven inches of cock protruded from the glory hole when I looked at it, appearing to be growing from the wall. That he had the audacity to stick his cock in my booth baffled me. I had the desire to mess with him, yet in the end I just adapted to it and took it in my mouth and started sucking eagerly. Out of nowhere he shot into my mouth.

As I inhaled his sperm, I grabbed his cock and jerked him violently. He slowly pulled himself out of the hole after emptying himself into my mouth and onto my clothes, too. I could clearly hear his throat clearing with a sigh.

I turned to sit down on the bench to catch my breath when I noticed another stiff cock sticking out of the wall to my right. I quickly turned my derriere around and backed up to the waiting cock without giving it much thought. My wet pussy immediately swallowed the hardness as I bent at the waist and pushed myself onto it.

As I pumped my ass back and forth on the throbbing stick, I rode it without mercy, slamming my bottom against the wall. My pussy’s nerve endings were electrically charged. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it could be to have anonymous sex; I wanted that cock pushed up through me and out of my throat. When he injected his hot sperm into me, I was still pumping frantically. I knew he had arrived, but I kept pumping even after he left. I was so excited that I didn’t notice the missing cock; Even though it wasn’t there, I could still feel it in me.

I breathed like a racehorse that had just won a race as I sat there in my dim booth. Then I had the epiphany: I had just sex with two men I didn’t know, and now I look like I just had sex with the football team because I’m covered in sperm and disheveled. And I have to leave this place. I was aware that everyone would be looking at me and aware of what I had just done.

I stumbled out of the booth as I slowly regained my composure. As I moved through the magazine section, the lighting was harsh. I was relieved to find that only a few browsers were looking at the racks and were trying hard not to look at me. After my adventure, I left and went home to take a cool shower.

Sex Shop

Sex shop party Pack
Sex shop party Pack

Debbie Daws was a youthful geek with mid-length light hair integrated with a pig tail and huge rimmed glasses, their edge bowed on the grounds that she was unable to manage to fix them. She didn’t have time for romance, though her thin body was slightly rounded in the right places.

After both of her parents lost their jobs and had trouble finding new ones, her family was barely scraping by. Both Debbie and her older brother took part-time jobs to support the family. Debbie was having a lot more trouble than her brother, who was doing well as a copywriter for the local newspaper. She was just 14 years old, and the workplace was extremely overwhelming for her. Her anxiety and ungainliness was turning into a obstacle to her.

She had worked at a grocery store, a movie theater, a toy store, and a fast food restaurant all in the same month. She had lost her job each time due to a series of blunders. Presently she was working at a book shop and was battling under the careful focus of her unforgiving youthful chief, Ms. Sharpe.

Ms. Sharpe was a woman who was tall, beautiful, and intimidating. Her angular features were accentuated by her icy, harsh gaze. She was a difficult manager who frequently denigrated her young employees. She seemed particularly interested in agitating Debbie Daws, her young, nervous clerk.

Debbie was working at the store on a Friday evening, trying her best not to make a mistake. A kind man approached her register as she rushed to close a sale. He raised a book and inquired, “Do you have this in hardback?” He pressed.

Debbie gave a nod, “Yes, just a second.” She dashed to the store’s back, located the book, and returned to the front. When she got back, her cash register was empty and the man had left. She was terrified as she stared at the empty cash drawer. Before, there had been nearly $500 in her register; now, it was gone.

Ms. Sharpe hissed, “Miss Richards…what’s going on here?!” as a shadow loomed over Debbie at that moment.

While the violent woman was encircling the teen, Debbie was seated in a chair in the middle of Ms. Sharpe’s office. Debbie’s eyes were welling up with tears. Miss Richards, I am very disappointed in you.

“I am sorry.” Debbie spoke softly.

“Sorry is not sufficient.” Ms. Sharpe murmured, “I thought you knew not to leave an open register unattended!” “No wonder this is your fifth job in four weeks,” she shook her head. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I hired you. Ms. Sharpe express down in her seat gazed at Debbie. ” I’m afraid that terminating your employment is my only option.

Debbie broke down in tears, exclaiming, “Please Ms. Sharpe,” “I need this job… my family needs the money!”

“My hands are tied,” she said with a head shake. She began filling out the termination forms as she turned to her desk.

“I’ll do whatever!” Debbie stated

Ms. Sharpe gave a wicked grin as she spoke.
“Anything?” She put down her pen and turned her attention to the young girl. “You just might be the right one for the job,” she said as she carefully examined Debbie’s young, thin body. “I have been looking for a personal assistant…”

“What should I do?” Debbie spoke softly.

“Very small.” Ms. Sharpe got up from where she was sitting and followed the young girl. “You just have to help me with any problems I might have,” she said, putting her hands on her shoulders. She sat down and licked the right ear of Debbie.

The young girl exclaimed, “What are you doing?!” as she stood up in shock. She yelled. Ms. Sharpe was obstructing the door, which prevented her from sprinting out of the room.

“It’s all important for the new position.” She began to slowly approach Debbie and said, “Now you can take this generous offer…” She moved to the side and opened the door, “or take your chances somewhere else.”

Although Debbie desired to flee, she was aware that this might be her last chance to assist her family. Debbie closed her eyes and exhaled deeply. Okay.” She spoke softly. As she shut the door and locked it, Ms. Sharpe smiled. She crossed her long legs as she sat down in her chair.

“Come to me,” Debbie approached Ms. Sharpe slowly while biting her lip. Take off your clothes. As she undressed her flannel shirt, Debbie’s heart was pounding. As Debbie took the shirt off, Ms. Sharpe carefully observed. I’ll take it. Ms. Sharpe draped Debbie’s shirt over the back of her chair after she gave it to her. Presently, your jeans.” After a brief pause, Debbie unzipped her pants and let them fall to the ground.

Ms. Sharpe looked at the alarmed fourteen-year-old, her little, plump bosoms and delicate, juvenile pussy trembling inside her white cotton bra and underwear. “You’re a virgin, right?” Ms. Sharpe questioned Debbie gave a nod. Good.” Ms. Sharpe walked Debbie’s smooth leg with the side of her high-heeled shoe. Take your bra off. A couple of tears got away from Debbie’s eyes as she cumbersomely detached her bra. As the A-cups fell to the ground, Ms. Sharpe licked her lips, revealing her small breasts and large, erect pink nipples.

She fixed her gaze on Debbie’s swollen camel toe. Now put on your pants. Debbie slid her underwear down over her hips and
allow them to tumble to the floor. ” Hand them over to me. Ms. Sharpe received her pants when Debbie emerged from them. The older woman smelled the girly musk as she held the white cotton to her nose. Her own twenty-eight-year-old womanhood felt like it was getting hotter.

Ms. Sharpe asked the girl a second question as she slipped the pants into her skirt pocket. Do you
at any point contact yourself?” Ms. Sharpe questioned Debbie was on the verge of crying. She occasionally masturbated, but she was too ashamed to tell anyone. She nodded.
Ms. Sharpe asked, “Very good… why don’t you show me how you do it?”

Debbie began to touch her trembling clit as she lowered her hands to her bare vagina. As she began to stroke her bud, she turned her head. She was gently kicked in the leg by Ms. Sharpe. While you’re doing it, look at me! While Ms. Sharpe continued to rub herself, Debbie made eye contact with her. Despite the fact that she was scared and
embarrassed, Debbie could feel a natural warmth developing inside her stomach.

As she listened to the young girl’s guttural moans and watched the girl play with herself, Ms. Sharpe’s vagina was steaming. Debbie’s squeals and moans became increasingly audible as her body began to twitch abruptly. Ms. Sharpe grinned as she observed Debbie dripping a lustrous stream of feminine fluids down her thigh.

Ms. Sharpe quickly got up and said, “You did good today… get dressed.” Debbie quickly adjusted her bra and pulled her pants up. Debbie was given her shirt by Ms. Sharpe. “You can go home now, but tomorrow… but from now one, you’re not to wear panties to work… and tomorrow, put on some makeup…” Ms. Sharpe looked at the young girl’s hands, still wet and stick from her orgasm. “…and nail polish.”

“Good night, Ms. Sharpe,” Debbie said as she hurried toward the door and unlocked the latch.

The taller lady plunked down in her seat, “Kindly, call
me Laura.”

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