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Sometimes things are not as they appear and you both end
up with a happy ending….

When I first joined I wrote a blog about my desire to be with
a T , I quickly pulled it down due to my own fears and anxieties
plus over 100 friend requests in one hour… A month later
I get a very lovely email from a T and we began a fantastic
friendship. He as a very manly man, he is gorgeous, smart,
creative and nerdy/funny like me. He took me out and treated
me like a Goddess and even brought me roses on our 1st date….
which was at a lovely restaurant.

This week, I had an amazing experience and more to come with
this amazing person…. a manly man who is the sexiest most
sensual hot lover when in femme mode. Yes I met the best of
both worlds…. I have never been with a woman and admit
I was a bit bi curious but when he is she all my bi curiosity
goes out the window…

M’lady is beautiful, sexy and gentle and polite and
extremely orally talented. I am very happy that I took this
leap into the unknown. I was not disappointed neither was
she. I have to admit…. whether in man clothes or in sexy
panties and a nightie I’m hooked.

Knowing that this fantastic person can be the male lover
of my dreams or the sexy lesbian I fantasize about is extremely

I can’t wait to explore the possibilities…

The girl is mine….
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