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We hope you’ve been having fun so far! Here are some additional tips to help you have a sexy and safe experience.

Interact with active members: We have a lot of active members who constantly participate in all activities on the site. They can be found in IMC, in chat rooms, or broadcasting. They also upload more photos & videos and post comments. You can find these members on the Activities section of the new homepage.

Reply to the welcome messages: These messages are sent to new members on behalf of friendly members who sign up for this service. We review the messages and the members carefully before the process. So if you get one of these messages, feel free to write back!

Show them you’re real: Complete your profile, upload a verified photo, or get ConfirmID. You will receive a “Verified” status on your profile. Look for other profiles with this status. These are the members who have passed the validation.

Don’t disclose your personal contact info: Use our Message Center to communicate with other members on the site. IMC is a good way for you to chat with someone in real time. Don’t give out your contact details (like name, phone number, email and home address) until you’re sure someone’s serious. Ask others to refer to something specific in your profile or photos to confirm they’ve looked at them.

Report suspicious accounts: If you encounter someone who tries to solicit contact info from you, ask for money, gifts, or “generous” dates, sends messages containing strange links to third-party websites, or any other spam/advertising, use Report Abuse to let us know. We don’t create any bots to contact users. We appreciate your help in removing these bad profiles from our site.

Your privacy is important to us: Unlike other social networking sites, we don’t sell your photos, videos, email addresses, or credit card info to any third parties.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you resolve any issues. We’d love to help you resolve any issues. For more helpful tips, check out our Online Dating Personals: Safety Tips.

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