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I was taking my shower and surprised myself with a moan when
I soaped between my legs. I will admit to being a bit horny
and a lot bored. My favorite self-service technique is
and always will be under the water coming out of my bathtub
faucet, so why not? I finished my shower, assumed the position
and settled in to enjoy. Usually doesn’t take too long.
Then he walked in.

Caught, I adopted an “oh, well” attitude. He walks
right up “What are you doing? I just said “Sshh”.
He asked if he could help. I repeat my hush and he kneels beside
the tub and smiles. I close my eyes and settle back in and
begin to trail my fingertips in slow circles on my belly
and inner thighs until I feel him take over. Of course, it
isn’t long before he is reaching up and including nipples,
which immediately tightens things up and makes me gasp
and jump. He moans and one hand reaches around behind my
leg to tease and slowly enter me with a finger. This rips
control away from me and my body arches, my arms stretch
out to brace against the tub, and I mindlessly cry out. His
finger moves in a steady circular in and out motion and the
orgasm breaks hard and fast. The scream and the writhing
of my entire body is beyond my control, until I throw my hands
up and manage to get both my legs to one side and closed. Recovery
takes a minute and I try to catch my breath while my body continues
to give a periodic jump/shudder.

He turns off the water, helps me to my feet, and dries me off
with a warm fluffy towel.

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